Battlefield Hardline Q&A With Lead MP Dev – New Details On Unlocks, Player Counts, The Beta, & More

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Following today’s earlier Battlefield Hardline multiplayer map and game mode reveals, lead multiplayer designer Thaddeus Sasser took to Twitter to answer a few burning questions from the Battlefield community.

He touched on many subjects, including how unlocks work, new gameplay improvements, player counts, the upcoming beta, and more. Here’s a list of some of the points that we found most interesting from his conversation with fans.

  • No level cap in beta. All unlocks are available.
  • Can unlock weapons and gadgets in any order, provided you have the cash.
  • Some unlocks have hidden requirements.
  • No single player weapon unlocks for multiplayer.
  • Beta unlocks will not transfer over to final game.
  • Better impact sounds with “death screams”.
  • Increased player movement speed.
  • No Body Armor Field Upgrade.
  • Can change loadouts between matches during single-elimination games.
  • No frag rounds for shotguns.
  • Conquest and TDM support 64 players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
  • Only certain maps will support 64 players.
  • No Rush mode.
  • No counter-knife.
  • Cannot buy in-game cash with real money.

Below is an extended look at the Q&A with Sasser (@dirtydeathdog) on Twitter. Check it out and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. What answers were most interesting to you? What questions do you still have?

Battlefield Hardline launches March 17 with an open multiplayer beta arriving in the near future.


Sam Johnston ‏@derp_nugget: Will there be any monitoring of Hackers/cheaters/boosters? Thank you

Yes, absolutely.  We have PunkBuster and Fair Fight, and will actively work to make sure the experience is fair for everyone.

Neptunez ‏@submushroom: battlefield be a Competitive Title on console?

We’d love that.  We have two modes designed specifically around competitive play – Rescue and Crosshair.

Cyberzwerg ‏@TheCyberzwerg: how does server size work with new game-modes like Crosshair? #RCON

Crosshair and Rescue were designed for 5v5 for competitive play and quick matches.

Георгий Дайнов ‏@dynevgeorge: Are there any guns, attachment or gadgets which haven’t been shown to community yet?

Maaaybe. There’s no level cap or lock restrictions on the Beta, so check it out and let us know what you think!

ryan ‏@rcf7111: will there be a hitmarker sound?

We’ve improved the impact sounds, and you’ll hear your targets give off a death scream when you’re successful.

Marc Carlsson ‏@MarcCarlsson1: How did you go about designing the movement and fluidity? imo, the change to BF4 made the movement to jerky.

We heard player feedback about the movement, and made targeted improvements – things like increasing player movement speed.

Lemon Jerky ‏@TheEpicDerp: Will the 25mm helicopter ammunition be coming back? I personally never used it much.

No, no 25mm cannon.  We didn’t think it fit the theme or our gameplay very well.

Mark ‏@PatronMark: is there a Perk or Field Upgrade to reduce Damage to the Chest similar to #BF4 ? Thank you! #BFHardline

There’s no perk or field upgrade for this, but there is an Armored Insert gadget for the Mechanic class.

Ludio ㅤ ‏@FireFartFTW: So you can unlock the last assualt rifle on the list first?

There is no “last” assault rifle in this system, but there are some where the unlock condition is hidden!

Dominic Fernandez ‏@DominicFGaming: Are we getting mini destruction like in BF3 where we could kill people with the rubble?

You can kill people with destruction, depending on the event, yes.  Drop a roof on someone, for example.

Stephen ‏@SJGard18: Does your rank/unlocks transfer from Beta to full game? Trying to clear any rumors

No way! They do not transfer.

Captain Excellent ‏@Capt_Excellent: Missed the beginning of stream, are there or would it be possible to implement character customization between rounds?

You mean change your loadout, right?  That was one of the most requested changes – you can do this in single-elim modes now.

Gamer-bot 5000 ‏@GamerBot5000: Are Frag rounds for shotguns back?

Nope, no frag rounds – didn’t seem to make sense in the setting.

Gary Hamlett ‏@GaryHamlett3: will 64 players be able play all modes or just Some modes will u be able play 32-32 matches be Available

Only Conquest and TDM support 64 players in Hardline.

PREZZER UK ‏@Prezzeruk: in game cash that no doubt can be bought with real cash?

No, you have to earn it in-game.

Neptunez ‏@submushroom: will you be unlock all the weapons in the beta?

Yep! Well, if you can 1) afford them and 2) find the requirements.

-d00msdayxx- ‏@d00msdayxx: are there completely different sections of the maps designed and playable ONLY for certain game types?

The space the map uses is specific to the mode in most cases…so sort of.

Alpha ‏@Alpha8887: is there any form for counter-knife in Hardline?

No, we removed the counter-knife.

NOOBeliminator ‏@NOOBeliminator: Are molotov and incendiary grenades more powerful in #BFHardline then their #Battlefield4 counterparts?

Yessss.  A ton of fun, and good for short-term route denial as well.

Battlefield Hardline ‏@TheBFHardline: is there any water combat in #BFHardline?

Yep, maps like Riptide feature boats.  Not so much swimming, though.

Dogman ‏@dogman800: are weapons the only thing you can buy with the ingame cash or can gadgets n weapon add ons be purchased!!

No, gadgets, attachments, and vehicle unlocks too.  You need to unlock the attachment category with kills for weapons though.

Mr. Kieran Poole ‏@KOPoole: will the extended magaxine have any downsides?

Yes, a slightly longer reload and fewer total rounds overall.

1RobotChicken ‏@1RobotChicken: Will Rush be on BFH?

Nope, no Rush.

Punkyyy60 ‏@Punkyyy60: you have removed headglitch ?

The level designers have worked hard to avoid creating this situation in the maps.

Jake Spence ‏@MeGustoBatman: Will there be unlocks for multiplayer for playing the story like guns in BF4?

nope, no gun unlocked based on sp.

DeWinter Zero ‏@DeWinterZero: Any chance the whole knife animation attack is removed and you’re gone back to (the better) swipe knife attacks?

we have both.  swipe from front, takedown from the back.  also some weapons have 2-handed ohk’s (but slow).

Lono ‏@LonoB: with counter knife confirmed gone, are frontal knives possible or just from the side and back?

from the back, no front autoknife

William Le ‏@TheCanadianMerc: How many Faction outfits are there in Hardline?

4 themes per faction, 2 factions per side = 16 total possible changes.

Brandon ‏@Khardoh: is there any type of bullet drop in Hardline?


Alex Rogers ‏@Rogey: No domination listed in BFH game modes, will it still feature?

not currently planned

Hardline ‏@dirtydeathcat: will all the maps be playable in 64 players ??

nope, just the ones that work great

Dominic Fernandez ‏@DominicFGaming: From what I’ve seen, secondaries are class specific. Why is that?

We want to encourage players to try new things! It’s also good for class balance.

Matt Handel ‏@BkLiveWire: How exactly does the whole money currency thing work in Hardline?

you play and get cash for being successful.  You then spend said cash on what you want – provided you’ve met any conditions.