Battlefield Portal: Anybody Can Be a Builder Is the Goal, Devs Say Script-Based Engine Would Scare People

In case you didn’t know, Battlefield 2042 will ship with a brand-new mode called Battlefield Portal, that seems to a literal game-changer, as it will let gamers create their own match types, modes, and more. While mode developer Ripple Effect Studios has already confirmed that it will be web-based, and will let even non-BF2042 owners create their own playlists, it seems the devs are making sure it’s user-friendly as well.

Speaking in the October issue of Play magazine (issue #5), Ripple Effect Senior Design Director Justin Wiebe commented that they want “anybody” to be a builder, and how the studio didn’t want to give players a script-based engine, as it will “scare a lot of people.”

We knew that if we went straight for just a logic- or scripting-based engine, while extremely powerful, it was going to scare a lot of people…Anybody can be a builder. That was our goal.

In the same chat, Wiebe explains how easy it is to use Battlefield Portal, and compares it to building blocks.

The visual language and how easy it is to kind of snap blocks together, and it tells you which ones go together, which ones don’t. From there, it’s just trial-anderror, it’s trying new things, and, you know, trying to encourage players to have fun with it.

So far, Ripple Effect Studios seems to be right on the money when it comes to Battlefield Portal. The studio is even offering different weapon settings for BF Portal, which includes both historical and official.

If you haven’t seen it in action yet, check out our first gameplay look of it right here.

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