Battlefield Portal Featured Playlists for the Week Listed; Respawn Timer Adjusted

Battlefield Portal Custom Experiences

For those playing Battlefield 2042’s Battle Portal mode more than the base game itself, DICE has rolled out the Battlefield Portal featured playlist for the week, as well as made adjustments to it as well.

Battlefield Portal Featured Playlists for the Week:

Gun Master of Ages by @jackfrags

24 Player FFA
Gun Master Mode
Weapons from 1942, BC2, BF3, and 2042
First place medal First player to cycle through all available weapons wins

In addition to that, DICE has adjusted the respawn timers down from 10 to just 5 seconds on this week’s featured BF portal experience!

We have adjusted the Respawn Timer down from 10 seconds to 5 seconds on this weeks featured #BattlefieldPortal experience

In case you didn’t know, Update 3.1 for Battlefield 2042 was rolled out earlier today, and it includes a ton of gameplay-related changes. Check the complete patch notes right here.

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