Beachhead is “Still Working on” a PC Version of Call of Duty Elite, Tablet App Won’t Be a Port

With Beachhead studios hard at work on Elite 2.0, which is being prepped for this year’s Call of Duty, a PC version of the service hasn’t been forgotten.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Activision’s Noah Heller reassured, “unfortunately I don’t have an update for you at this time. We’re still working on it. We can’t date it yet. It’s a challenging piece of development. It’s really all I can say.” On a personal note, he said “back in the day I was a PC gamer myself. I cut my teeth on shooters on good, old fashioned Team Fortress 1. So I’m excited to do right by the PC players soon.”

Heller reiterated, “unfortunately I can’t give you a date at this time – look, it bums me out to say it.” Then, he went on to explain that the Call of Duty PC community has been vocal regarding the issue. He stated, “I get several emails a day. It’s a vocal, passionate audience. What we need to ensure is that when we ship something for them, it’s quality. We cannot make them wait this long and then deliver something that isn’t quality.”

Last year, Beachhead studios explained that “the [PC] platform results in a lot of difficulties when it comes to competition and statistics. This is especially true due to the dedicated server support — something the community really wanted.” They continued, “please realize that this is the side effect to the many benefits you get from playing on that platform.”

On the topic of a tablet version of the Elite app, which is available on both Android and iPhone , Heller promised, “we’re working hard right now on the tablet application. I can’t date it for you guys yet, but I’ll tell you it’s not a port. It’s built specifically for that platform, and built with this two screen idea in mind, the idea people are going to be playing the game and might have this on their lap, to check with their friends to see what their progress is like in real-time.”

Thanks, VG247

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