Behaviour Interactive “Pleased” With Meet Your Maker Reception, Says “Best Is Yet to Come”

meet your maker reception

While Behaviour Interactive is mostly known for its hit multiplayer game, Dead by Daylight, the studio released an all-new game this year titled “Meet Your Maker.” Released in April, Meet Your Maker also launched the same day as part of the April PlayStation Plus free games, which should have helped the game reach a wider audience. Now, the question here is: did it work?

Speaking to MP1st, we asked Behaviour Interactive that question, and while we didn’t get any specific numbers, Creative Director Ash Pannell did say that they were “pleased” with the positive reception.

MP1st: A few months after release, what is your outlook on the game? Is Meet Your Maker performing according as expected, is the player base where you expected it to be, or do you feel like there’s still room to grow?

Pannell: The last few months have been full of key learnings for us. While we’re pleased with the positive reception of Meet Your Maker, we truly feel like the best has yet to come. It’s a game of so many possibilities and we are excited to hone this community based game into something special.

Just like we’ve shared through our latest content update Sector 1: Dreadshore, we have exciting plans to expand the game’s content, introduce new features or ways to play the game and reach a broader audience. There is still significant room for growth for Meet Your Maker and the community feedback will help the game evolve where it needs to be.

In case you didn’t know, the game’s first DLC, Sector 1: Dreadshore is now out, and you can read our review here, where we state, “Sector 1: Dreadshore builds upon this long-term goal, and while it’s not a huge expansion, having a new grim environment and a new Custodian are trump cards that add both mechanical variety and cosmetic flair. Meet Your Maker fans should dive into this new landscape without reservations, hoping that this is the first of many for a unique game.”

Stay tuned to our full chat with Behaviour Interactive soon.

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