Battlefield 1 TTK Changes, Dreadnought vs Dreadnought Combat & More Confirmed to Be Coming Soon

There’s some exciting Battlefield 1 changes on the horizon, with time-to-kill (TTK) getting a tweak, and guaranteed-to-be-epic Dreadnought vs. Dreadnought combat, both promised by developers.

DICE LA designer Alex Sulman spoke about TTK changes on Twitter, during a Q&A community session:

The Dreadnought vs. Dreadnought combat was revealed in an update post for the Battlefield 1 CTE. The Heligoland Bight map is currently being tested.

“Yes, Dreadnought vs. Dreadnought is happening! Dreadnoughts spawn for each side and can shell cap points over the two islands of Heligoland Bight. The boat combat is intensified, as the side that loses its Dreadnought first is at a big disadvantage. (Though, because it’s Conquest Assault, the Attackers will get a second Dreadnought if they lose their first and are falling too far behind in score.)

Feedback from the CTE has been really useful to see that the vehicle combat was unbalanced. Rather than nerf the air combat, we made several adjustments to balance and counter the planes:

  • We’ve added one more Destroyer per side (4 active at the same time!)
  • All flags can be captured by a Destroyer
  • Each side now has the Airship
  • All flags can be captured by the Airship
  • Both sides have active Dreadnoughts early in the match
  • One less active plane (from 6 to 5). Each team has two HQ plane spawns, but capturing the U-118 flag will provide a third plane for either side.”

Lots for Battlefield 1 fans to look forward to! At least, up until the reveal of Battlefield 2018

Source: @RamblingAlex (Twitter) via Reddit, Reddit

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