BioWare: Anthem Competitive PvE Would Be a “Great Fit”

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While at it score, Anthem is a purely PvE (player vs. enemy) affair, would something a little bit more competitive be something players would be interested in? Regardless if you are, BioWare thinks Anthem competitive PvE would be a “great fit.”

Over on the Anthem subreddit, user SKYeXile asked whether an Anthem competitive PvE mode akin to Diablo III’s Rifts, Destiny 2 Nightfall missions, or something similar would be of interest for the community.

Competitive PVE mode? from AnthemTheGame

This post caught the eye of BioWare Senior Systems Designer Chris Schmidt, who replies that he thinks that it would be a great fit for Anthem.

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, this does’t mean Anthem competitive PvE is confirmed. In the same thread, Schmidt posts that there is “Nothing to see here,” and that he loves reading everyone’s ideas.

Is Anthem competitive PvE something we’ll see? I sure hope so. While it might not be available at launch, let’s hope BioWare has plans similar to this as part of the game’s post-launch content.

In other Anthem news, BioWare has confirmed that the character creator won’t be available at launch. If you’re more interested on the gameplay side of things, here’s the confirmed list of elemental damage types in the game.

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John Meta
John Meta
4 years ago

Just focus on creating a beautiful story focused game, as you have suggested that the game will be, utilizing the developers talents and pedigree and leave the competitive stuff after the game has already established itself.

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