BioWare Has Internal Builds of Battlefield Anthem & Anthem Battle Royale; Pirates Teased for Reboot

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Remember Anthem? While we already know BioWare is back in the dev room to overhaul the game, not much info about it has been shared so far other than its in the “incubation stage” as recent as two months ago. Well, as it turns out, BioWare has a couple of stuff incubating, and some of ’em include a “Battlefield Anthem,” and even an “Anthem Battle Royale” mode.

Before anyone dives in, note that these  two modes are for internal testing purposes only, and are NOT guaranteed to be released to the gaming public. This little nugget of info was shared by Studio Director Christian Dailey over on Twitter, where he answered a fan’s query regarding PvP, and where he (Dailey) also shared what appears to be concept art for the Anthem reboot.

In addition to that, Dailey also teased concept art for what appears to be a pirate-themed Javelin!  It’s called “Pirates of Blood Wind,” and it looks quite badass, I might add. Note that like the modes mentioned above, these are in no way guaranteed to appear in the game as DLC or in the rebooted version.

Dailey also confirmed that there will be a “refresh” to the map and radar, which should please freelancers everywhere.

As for when the next update from the studio will be made public, Dailey shared that he has started on it, but wouldn’t divulge as to when exactly we’ll get the blog post.

Again, I want to stress that BioWare has not confirmed that a Battlefield Anthem or Anthem Battle Royale game/mode is in the cards, and this is just for internal playtesting purposes.

While the chances of us seeing a Battlefield Anthem or Anthem Battle Royale are slim, I do admit, an Anthem game that plays like DICE’s Battlefield franchise has me very, very intrigued. Who knows though, maybe one day we’ll get it. Let’s just hope BioWare nails the reboot out of the park first.