Black Desert Online Update 1.94 Sails Out for Corsair Awakening

Black Desert Online Update 2.14

Pearl Abyss has released the Black Desert Online update 1.94 this August 11, and it’s for the Corsair Awakening title update! There’s a ton to dive into, so check out the complete patch notes below.

Black Desert Online Update 1.94 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online Corsair Awakening Patch Notes:

Corsair Awakening

● The Captain and her crew have finally arrived, as Corsair’s Awakening has been released!

-To awaken your Corsair, you will need to be Lv.56 or higher and complete the questline “[Corsair Awakening] Call of the Crow.” This questline is available from Black Spirit – Main Quest if their Corsair completed the succession questline.

– After completing the Awakening quest on a Season Character, you will be rewarded a PRI Tuvala Patraca.

● You can now accept the ‘[Valencia] Dawn of a New Age’ on Corsair, awarding you with a 7-day outfit of your choice.
– The ‘[Valencia] Dawn of a New Age’ is available after completing the Valencia I storyline with a character that is over level 56.

● Added “[Awakening Weapon EXC] Patraca, the Heart of the Sea: PRI~PEN(V) quests through which you can exchange PRI(I) or higher enhanced Serenaca to a Tuvala Patraca of the same enhancement level through the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, Fughar.

※ These quests can only be accepted by a season character or a season graduate.
※ You can only accept and complete one of the following quests per family. You must also have a Tuvala Serenaca of the required enhancement level to exchange it for a Tuvala Patraca of the same enhancement level.
– [Awakening Weapon EXC] Patraca, the Heart of the Sea: PRI (I)
– [Awakening Weapon EXC] Patraca, the Heart of the Sea: DUO (II)
– [Awakening Weapon EXC] Patraca, the Heart of the Sea: TRI (III)
– [Awakening Weapon EXC] Patraca, the Heart of the Sea: TET (IV)
– [Awakening Weapon EXC] Patraca, the Heart of the Sea: PEN (V)
※ Any PEN(V) name engraving, item branding or dye information will be removed when exchanges a PRI to PEN Tuvala Serenaca to a PRI to PEN Patraca through these quests.

● Due to Corsair’s Awakening, we have changed the quests, ‘[Enhancement] Even Stronger Tuvala Awakening Weapon I~II’ to be acceptable from Fughar with a Season Corsair.

● As Corsair now has her Awakening, the 100% damage from the Main Hand Weapon has been changed to the normal ratio of damage between the Awakening and Main Hand weapons.

Summer Season – Graduation


● Fughar, the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, has unveiled the Graduation benefits of the Summer Season, for adventurers looking to take the next step into the world of Black Desert.
– Graduating allows you to transition your Season Character into a regular character before the end of the season. Regardless of when you choose to graduate, you will still be eligible for the rewards.

Graduation Period August 11th 2021 ~ End of the Summer Season
Graduation Requirements Adventurers who have not purchased the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must complete the Season Pass and receive all the rewards

Adventurers who have purchased the [Event] Black Spirit Pass must complete the Season Pass and receive all rewards.

– Graduating the 2021 Summer Season is detailed below

Quest Name Quest Giving NPC Objectives Target NPC
[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad Crow Merchants Guild Scribe Leyla, located at the workshop in Velia Complete the quest ‘[Season] Fughar’s Special Timepiece’ and talk to Fughar Fughar
[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar Use the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate. Fughar

– The Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate can be obtained from Fughar when completing the ‘[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World.’ Using this certificate will convert your season character into a regular character.
– Once you have completed these quests, you will receive a Tuvala Conversion Stone Box, Gift Box Full of Memories, and Fughar’s Letter of Encouragement.

– The Box Full of Memories contains the following items:

[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon

Graduation Cap

Golden Graduation Gown

Advice of Valks (+60)

Cron Stone x100

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days)

[Event] Elion’s Tear x10

[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll x5

[Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll x5
[Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone x1

Blessed Message Scroll x5

Premium Elixir Box x3

Finto’s Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice x10

※ Golden Graduation Gown can be sold for 10,000,000 Silver to NPC’s.


※ [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll gives the following buffs.

[Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll
Consume to obtain the following effects

Life Skill Mastery +100

Life EXP +20%


Duration : 60 minutes

Cooldown : 60 minutes

* Graduation Notices

– In order to graduate, you must receive all the rewards from the [Season] Black Spirit Pass. You will not be able to graduate if there are any outstanding rewards to collect.

– If you have purchased the Summer Season Pass but have not used it, then graduate, you will be unable to receive the rewards from the Season Pass. Make sure to use the item (if you have it) before graduating.

– The ‘Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate that is obtained during the graduation quest can be used on the normal server.
– You will be unable to obtain the Fughar’s Timepiece after you graduate. If you intend to use this item, please complete the quest and use the item before graduating.

– You cannot graduate with a Fughar’s Timepiece in your inventory.


● The Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager’s former Lover, Perilla, appears to have left the Perilla’s Star as a parting gift after leaving Fughar.

– You can obtain quests relating to the story of Perilla and Fughar from the Black Spirit.
– [Perilla’s Star] Fughar’s Woe can be obtained with a season character or a normal character that is level 51 or above.
-You can obtain the ‘Seasonal Special Gift exchange’ after completing the ‘[Perilla’s Star] Fughar’s Woe’ questline.

– The ‘Season Special Gift Exchange’ does not appear as an item in your bag, can can be proceeded by talking to the Fughar NPC. When talking to him, you can collect one of the following items

PEN(V) Capotia Earring


PEN(V) Capotia Ring


Perilla’s Star


PEN(V) Capotia Belt

● On top of the Tuvala Conversion Stones that will allow you to change your Tuvala gear into gear that can be used on regular characters, you also have the possibility of earning 2 Boss Exchange coupons, which will allow you to convert a Tuvala piece of gear into a boss item that is one enhancement level below the Tuvala enhancement. I.e. PEN(V) Tuvala Helmet changes into a TET Giath Helmet.

You can obtain the Boss Exchange Coupon in the following ways:

– [2021 Summer Season] Boss Gear Exchange Quest

– [Swell Sea Shell] Boss Gear Exchange Quest

– You can exchange Tuvala gear for boss gear through the aforementioned quests upon receiving them from Fughar after completing the graduation quests while having the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon.

– You can only accept and receive one quest per equipment part.
– Boss items that are exchanged cannot be sold on the Central Market, but can be enhanced further.
– Tuvala Gear that is exchanged to be used on a normal character through the Tuvala Conversion Stones cannot be sold on the Central Market or enhanced.

For Example, PEN(V) Tuvala Armor can be exchanged for a TET(IV) Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor through the quest, ‘[2021 Summer Season] Boss Gear Exchange’ Quest. If you decide to follow this, then you can exchange another Tuvala equipment piece with the ‘[Swell Sea Shell] Boss Gear Exchange’ quest.


● Changed requirements for accepting the quests, “[Season Pass] Crow Merchants Guild Gift” and “[Black Spirit Pass] Crow Merchants Guild Gift.”

Before After
Can accept with a Season Character who has completed the Season Pass that has a Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I or II Can accept with Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I or II
Graudation for Season characters begins now!

As a precaution, if you have the item ‘Fughar’s Timepiece’ on your character you will not be able to proceed with Graduation. This failsafe is intended to prevent those who were planning on using the item from accidentally graduating, making the ‘Fughar’s Timepiece’ unusable. If you don’t wish to use the item, you can feel free to delete it!

We look forward to supporting your adventures after the season servers end.

Monster Changes

● Changed Apex Urukios at Vaha’s Cradle, Atoraxxion Vahmalkea, to enter phase 3 while invincible when its HP drops to a certain point while a statue.

● Added Camera effects for Apex Urukios when it enters phase 2 and phase 3.

● Changed Apex Lucretia at Vaha’s Cradle to prioritize synchronizing when it’s Hit Points get low.

● Reduced the damage of falling rocks and rock attack patterns of Apex Urukios at Vaha’s Cradle for Atoraxxion. This applies to both Season and Regular Atoraxxion.

Character Changes


● Improved the way that the sound of characters outputs when moving around.



● Cold Blade I~IV – Changed the Ranged Accuracy Rate increase effect in the description to match the actual effect.

Before After
Ranged Accuracy Rate increase on hit Ranged Accuracy Rate increase on 2nd hit.



● Prime: Frostbitten Axe I~V – Fixed an issue where the critical hit increase effect wasn’t being applied.



● Prime: Wave Lash – Fixed an issue where the skill was not using MP when used while on cooldown.

● Wave Breaker – Fixed the issue where Stamina was being consumed twice when using this skill

● Fixed an issue where corsair would move abnormally in the Pearl Shop and Customization Window.

● Overflow I – Fixed an issue where the enemy was too far away in the skill preview window.

● The camera effects when using the Black Spirit Training have been modified.

● The skills in the Corsair’s Skill Guide have changed.

Removed Added
Mareca: Sea Stroll

Storm Surge

Ocean Melancholy

Wipe Out

Storming Gale

Wave Lash

Sea Prowler

Wave Put

● Intermittent issues with the Pearl Shop having items disappear has been fixed.

● Fixed an issue where the Forward Guard applied when moving backwards would intermittently stop working.

● Fixed an issue with abnormal movements at the end of movement animations.

● Smooth Sailing I ~ Absolute: Smooth Sailing – Now recovers +10 MP on hits.

● Added Rabam’s Enlightenment – Skill Enhancement skills.
– The first enhanced skill can be learned at Lv.56 or higher, the second can be learned at Lv. 57 or higher, and the third can be learned at Lv. 58 or higher.
– You must learn the preceding skills in order to learn the Skill Enhancement skills.
– You can only learn one of the two enhanced skills for each level.

Item Changes

● Increased the drop rate of the item ‘Dragon Scale Fossil’ in the following monster zones: Tshira Ruins, Blood Wolf Settlement, and Sherekhan Necropolis (Day, Night)

● Changed the appearance rate of Old Drieghanese Crates (in the Drieghan monster zones: Sherekhan Necropolis, Blood Wolf Settlement, Tshira Ruins) to always appear when Garmoth does her fire attack.

– the amount of ‘Dragon Scale Fossils’ dropped by old Drieghanese Crates has increased from 1 to 5 to 10.

We have adjusted the amount of “Dragon Scale Fossil” dropped in Drieghan. Not only can you get more scales from each of the monster zones, but also from the random event where Garmoth attacks.


Additionally, we have been keeping a close watch over each of the servers after we increased the drop rate of Caphras Stones for each of the monster zones. We will continue to keep close watch moving forward. So, there could be changes made to how Caphras Stones are obtained, Gathering, Blackstar defense gear, and the various rewards.


● The upper limit of the price of Value Packs on the Central Market has been increased.

● The amount of Valks Cry and Cron Stones that can be extracted from outfits has been increased.

  Valks Cry Cron Stones
Extracted Item Before After Before After
Headpiece 14 16 42 48
Armor 32 36 96 108
Gloves 12 12 36 36
Shoes 12 12 36 36
Main Weapon 21 22 63 66
Off-Hand 10 14 30 42
Awakening Weapon 23 28 69 84
Total 124 140 372 420

● Your family name will now be engraved on items that are enhanced to PEN(V) enhancement levels!

– Items that hit PEN(V) before the update will not display the name of the person who enhanced. .

– On the Central Market, you will not be able to see who enhanced the item to PEN(V), however once purchased and pulled out of the Central Market, you will see the name of the person who enhanced the item.

● In the description of the ‘Eye of Anguish’ item, we have removed the line that states that armors can be heated to create it.

● Dehkima: Token of the Oath, Seal of the Undying and Crow’s Black Jewel have been changed so they can now be placed in the Family Inventory.

Content Changes

● Changed the exchange of ‘Dragon Scale Fossils’ for Advice of Valks to be available outside of Calpheon.

– The item ‘Dragon Scale Fossil’ can be exchanged for the following items.

Required Items Exchanged items
Dragon Scale Fossil x30 Advice of Valks (+20) x1
Dragon Scale Fossil x350 Advice of Valks (+40) x1

– Dragon Scale Fossils can now be exchanged at the following NPCs

Region NPC Name
Velia Tachros
Heidel Cruhorn Wyrmsbane
Altinova Abdul Jaum
Valencia Rabam
Grana Hazel Azealia
Duvencrune Akasak
Sand Grain Bazaar Amir


● The priests that cleanse gear of their darkness were dispatched to each of the blacksmiths in their towns and cities. Through their teachings, certain NPC’s can now cleanse gear.

Region NPC Name
Velia Tranan Underfoe
Heidel Techthon
Calpheon Grandus
Altinova Mevo Muranan
Valencia Elfa
Grana Dikzipo
Duvencrune Hughol


● When attempting to exchange accessories gained fro them ‘Old Moon Guild’s Trade Offer’ for other accessories within this quest line, the description of the exchange quest will now mention that any Item Branding will be removed.

● The PEN(V) accessory exchange quest has been modified to award you with a TET(IV) accessory plus a Dancing Moonlight Black Stone (required to enhance back to PEN).

Before After
Basic Rewards

Contribution EXP 50


Select one of the following

PEN: Ring of Crescent guardian

PEN: Narc’s Ear Accessory

PEN: Tungrad Earring

Basic Rewards

Contribution  EXP 50

Dancing Moonlight Black Stone x1


Select one of the following

TET: Ring of Crescent guardian

TET: Narc’s Ear Accessory

TET: Tungrad Earring

● In Atoraxxion Vahmalkea, if the ‘[Atoraxxion] Forgotten Vow’ quest started with players standing on each of the platforms, the quest could not be continued. This issue has been fixed.

Quest and Knowledge Changes


● Fixed the issue where completing some of the main quests before becoming a season character by using the item ‘Fughar’s Timepiece’ would prevent completion of certain Season Pass Objectives.

– The objectives that could not be completed before can now be completed by summoning the Black Spirit and talking to it.

● Two new challenges have been added to Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea

– The rewards for these challenges can be collected once per family.

– These Challenge rewards can be collected by logging in with a character that has the Knowledge that is learned after defeating Apex Urukios in Atoraxxion Vahmalkea

– The following Challenges can be completed on the Season and regular servers.

Challenges Objectives Rewards
[Season] On the Lucretia Dagger! Defeat Apex Urukios in Atoraxxion Vahmalkea to learn the Knowledge ‘On the Lucretia Dagger’ Vahmalkea: Rift Chest x1
On the Lucretia Dagger! Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest x1

* These Challenges can be completed by defeating Apex Urukios and learning the Knowledge ‘On the Lucretia Dagger’ either on the season server or regular servers.

* The Challenge ‘[Season] On the Lucretia Dagger!’ can only be completed by a season character, therefore it must be completed within the Season Server period.

* You can complete both these Challenges by learning the Knowledge from either the normal or the Season Server.


● The Slippery Scallywags have finally shown themselves on a deserted island near Oquilla’s Eye. These rookie Scallywags have been waiting impatiently for the return of the old guard, as their thirst for adventure is matched only by their appetite for fish. Unfortunately for the captain of the Slippery Scallywags, these rookies have no idea what their Captain looks like, as all they have are some paw-ly drawn art to go by.




– New quests can be accepted on the island.

Quest Starting NPC Preview
Pirates Take the Low Road, Queek! Slippery Scallywags Recruit Here I am, without a fish in either paw! Queek!
I wonder if it’s too late to try and catch some fish now. Queek!
Remember the Name, Queek! Miruo This is quite the serious pickle indeed. Queek!
Go and teach them the name of the Slippery Scallywags. Queek!

– The Slippery Scallywags have appeared with the following new Knowledge.

Category Knowledge Hints
The Great Expedition V Solution to Low Supplies Talk with the scallywag that is being questioned.
Rundown Slippery Scallywag Outpost Talk with the scallywag that is destroying the outpost
Roasted Starfish Interact with the Roasted Starfish in the Slippery Scallywag den.
Ugly Cap’n Interact with the pawly-drawn portrait in the Slippery Scallywag den
String Tied with Conches and Clams Talk with the scallywag that is standing in front of the tent.
Empty Fishing Trap Talk with the scallywag that is fishing.
Flag Full of Ambition Talk with the scallywag that is behind the flag
Warning Conch Shell Talk with the scallywag that is land sick
Slippery Scallywags Raft Talk with the scallywag that is looking at the raft if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags.
Empty Box of Emergency Rations Talk with the scallywag that is staring at the crate.
Matao’s Grunt Talk to the scallywag that is standing on the stairs if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags.
My Favorite is Seaweed Talk with the scallywag that is rummaging through a net if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags.
Cap’n’s Favorite Talk with the scallywag in charge of the recruits if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags
Plundered Treasure Talk with the scallywag standing in front of a box if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags.
Empty Tent Talk with the scallywag that is standing in front of a tent next to a portrait if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags.
Use for Rafts Talk with the scallywag that is standing in front of a tent next to the portrait if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags.
How I met Me Cap’n Talk with the scallywag that is standing angrily in front of the raft if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags
Learned How to Fish Talk with the scallywag that is shaking a fishing rod in a secluded place if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags
Slippery Scallywags Food Supply Talk with the scallywag that is holding a harpoon if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags
The Fastest Mermaid Talk with the scallywag that claims that a mermaid is their captain if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags
Slippery Scallywags Memories Interact with the portrait if you have a long lost connection with the scallywags

● Added a new title ‘Sussin’ the Slippery Scallywags’ that can be obtained by learning all the Knowledge under the category “The Great Expedition V”.

NPC, Background, and Sound Changes


● Changed the background music for Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple.

As Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple are both located in the desert regions of Valencia, we composed their new background tracks with traditional Instruments of the Middle East. We also added string instruments to add dramatic elements for Adventurers who may suddenly find themselves in combat situations in these zones.

● Fixed an issue where Grace Lauren’s voice lines would overlap in the Atoraxxion Main Quest Line.

● The awkward positioning of various Lake Flondor NPC’s has been corrected.

● The Slippery Scallywags Den can now be seen on the map as their the fame is on the rise.
– You will be resurrected at the Slippery Scallywags Den if you choose to resurrect at the closest town when you die near the area.
– Waruo has appeared at Slippery Scallywags Den for Corsair.
– Waruo runs both a potion shop and a wharf.



● Changed the line break of the message displayed when the duration of the Value Pack will expire before the item is listed due to the waiting time on the Central Market.

● Improved the quest item scrolls that load up on screen by improving the aspect ratio and fonts for texts.

● Selecting Caphras Stones in your inventory will automatically open the Caphras Enhancement Window.

● Changed the interaction UI to be displayed when you go near a Dream Horse with your season character.

– You will be able to view menus such as it’s inventory and equipment.

– However, you will not be able to ride a Dream Horse with your season character.

– If you attempt to ride a dream horse, a system message saying ‘Season Characters cannot ride Dream Horses’ will appear on screen.

● In the disconnect window, when looking at the inventories of your other characters, inaccessible characters will automatically be skipped when scrolling through each character.

● In the Central Market window, the ‘Inventory’ ‘Pearl Inventory’ and ‘Storage’ words have been changed into icons.

● Fixed an issue where the quest selection window did not automatically appear when completing the ‘Sage of Velia’ quest on a season character.

● The ability to go back after searching has been added to the Central Market. Pressing △/Y will now go back one screen.

● Added the ability to search for items in your Inventory, Pearl Inventory and Central Market Warehouse.
● Improved moving items through the Central Market Directors and Storage Keepers to be able to move 20 non-stackable items at a time.

– However, only gear of the same enhancement level can be moved together. As for PEN(V) gear, only one of them can be moved at a time like before.

– Maids/Butlers will be able to perform this action too.

This is another improvement suggestion we have been receiving from Adventurers for a long time. We really wanted to get this changed, but the system structure made it a fairly difficult task. We regret making you wait so long, but we’ve found a solution. You aren’t able to move all the items at once, but we still hope this will lessen the inconvenience for our Adventurers.

● Added more detailed information about the current character to the inventory and My Stats page.

– First, open the My Stats window, or open it with the ‘View My Stats’ option in the inventory. Then press the ‘Battle Stats’ button displayed on the right section of the window to see detailed stats.

– Damage Reduction and Evasion will be displayed in detail (split into Melee/Ranged/Magic.)

Now, you will be able to see all the stats for your character in the Inventory window and View My Stats window. You will also be able to see all the effects that affect them (extra damage, equipped crystals, food, elixirs, and all other buffs) in real-time.

※ However, the skills Yianaros’s Light, Pilgrim’s Steps, and Knight’s Defense that only apply in Node Wars will not be applied.

We have also received additional feedback that Adventurers would like to see even more stats then the ones listed right now after this feature’s release on Global Lab. These are currently being developed. When we are done, it will be released on Global Lab.

Node War/Conquest War Changes


● Improved the guild skill ‘Command to Gather’ so that Guild Advisors can activate the skill as well as Guild Leaders.

● Changed ‘Command to Gather’ so that, if it was used before the start of Node/Conquest War, it cannot be moved after the war begins.

● Made the following changes for the requirements to use the skill ‘Command to Gather’

Before After
The skill can be used when all the Guild Advisors and Guild Master are online on the server where the Node/Conquest War is held. The skill can be used when the Guild Advisor and Guild Master are on the server where the Node/Conquest War is held.
Many of our Adventurers asked for the ‘Command to Gather’ skill to be changed so that other ranking guild members can use the skill. We actually planned to implement this change when the Guild Advisor role was created, but unfortunately ran into some structural issues in development. This took quite a bit longer than anticipated, and we apologize for the delay.


● The total attack and defensive stats for Tier 1 Node Wars has been modified. (Note, this includes attack and defenses from sources including; Crystals, Food Buffs, Church Buffs etc.)

Restrictions on Tier 1 Node Wars
Node Level Attack Cap Evasion Cap Evasion Rate Cap Damage Reduction Cap
Tier 1 Easy 261 755 15% 181
Tier 1 Medium 300 787 15% 215
Tier 1 Hard 318 805 15% 225
We have lowered the stat caps for attack and defensive stats so that Adventurers that are earlier in their progression can join in on Node Wars. You will be able to see the details of each Node War in the world map by checking out tier 1 nodes. We will be keeping the annexes and fortresses the same as they are currently, as we feel that their current stats were in a good place. We will also be putting restrictions on Accuracy and Resistances in future patches. We are also considering putting restrictions on the amount of HP that can be reached through buffs too.


● Fixed an issue where the added DP from Node/Conquest War character skills ‘Yianaros’s Light’, ‘Pilgrim’s Steps, and ‘Knight’s Defense’ were not calculated into the tier 1 node war restrictions.

● Changed the World Map to display the attack and defense restrictions for tier 1 node wars, and compare them to your highest stats.
– Added the detail that the stats shown in the restrictions UI are equal to total stats (which is shown in the My Stats UI).
– For the attack related stats, the numbers will show main weapon and awakening weapon attack stats separately.
-For the defense related stats, the numbers will show Evasion, Evasion Rate, and Damage Reduction separately.
– Each of the stats that are under the restriction of Tier 1 Node Wars will be shown in red on the UI. Stats above the restriction will be shown in green.

We have changed how the stat restrictions work in Level 1 Node Wars. It will no longer be limited to the simple AP/DP figures. It is now based off the total stats. The total stats can be seen on the new View My Stats window and Equipment window. We did consider the use of gear with bonus AP, food, elixirs, and various buffs, however, a method of dealing with this issue was overlooked. Therefore, we would like to apologize for showing only the simple AP/DP numbers and creating confusion in the community. We will continue to improve on our internal process to not overlook issues like these in the future. Furthermore, we are considering putting restrictions on Accuracy, Damage Reduction Rate, and Resistance to level 1 nodes to make it even more befitting of the original vision to make level 1 nodes a good staring place for guilds preparing to get into Node Wars.

System Changes


● Fixed the issue where enemy ships were not highlight red during Siege War in Calpheon.

Pearl Store


● As the sales of the ‘Head Storage Butler’ have ceased, the function of this item has been changed to now be available at all times for maids and butlers. This includes both Storage and Central Market Maids/Butlers.

-If you have a maid or butler, you can activate the group command for both Storage and Central Market functions from the UI.

– For those who purchased the ‘Head Storage Butler’, you can find the pearls/discount coupons that were used to purchase the item in your Mail after the August 11th Maintenance.

Other Changes


● Fixed the issue where when fishing and catching a treasure fish, the final key of the input could not be entered.

● Fixed the issue where equipment set effects would be saved into the skill presets, and can be applied by loading the previously saved skill preset, even though you no longer meet the set effect conditions.

● Fixed the issue where guild passive skills would be saved into the skill presets, and can be applied by loading the previously saved skill preset, even though you have left the guild.

● Fixed the issue with abnormal message appearing when attempting to purchase items under the “Volatile Price Items” category on the Central Marketplace.

● Fixed the issue where monsters’ HP in the season Atoraxxion dungeon would be set abnormally when they are first hit.

● Fixed the progression issue that occurred when accepting Black Spirit quests with a character that has completed all the main quests.
● Fixed an issue where the title, ‘Chosen by Khan’ would show in the title list even though it was unobtainable.

Source: Black Desert

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