Black Desert Online Update 1.95 Released for Minor Fixes This August 12

Black Desert Online Update 2.33

Pearl Abyss has released the Black Desert Online update 1.95 patch this August 12, and this is for minor fixes following yesterday’s Corsair Awakening title update. Head on for the small list of changes in the patch notes.

Black Desert Online Update 1.95 Patch Notes for August 12:

A minor patch was released to fix the following issues:

● There is an issue where certain Adventurers cannot interact with gathering objects.

● There is an issue where Corsair’s appearances are displayed abnormally in the skill demo window.

In order for these changes to be applied, you will need to restart your game. For those Adventurers who have yet to connect to the game, this update will be automatically applied the first time you log in.

Thank you!

That’s about it. If ther are other changes not mentioned above that managed to be part of this patch, we’ll be sure to update the post. For Black Desert Online players, if you spot any other changes, let us know down in the comments.

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