Black Desert Online Update 2.15 Rides Out for Winter Season This December 22

Black Desert Online Update 2.15

Adventurers, Pearl Abyss has released the Black Desert Online update 2.15 patch this December 22, and this brings the Winter Season to the game. Check out the complete Black Deset Online December 22 patch notes below.

Black Desert Online Update 2.15 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online Winter Season Update Patch Notes:

Winter Season Begins

● The 2021 Winter Season has begun.

– In order to access the Season Server, you will need to create a new Season character.


● The maximum number of character slots has increased to 26 slots.

– You will be able to expand up to 28 character slots after a future update. However, we will not be expanding the max number of character slots beyond 28 until further notice.


● As the Winter seasons have begun, we have changed certain servers into Season servers.

Before After
NEW Olvia – Novice NEW Olvia
New Olvia – 1 Season-1
New Olvia – 2 Season-2
Rulupee Season-3


Before After
NEW Olvia – Novice NEW Olvia
New Olvia – 1 Season-1
Rulupee – 2 Season-2


Season Server

– Only season characters can enter the season servers

– A Season Character is created once the ‘Create Season Character’ option is checked at the naming stage of character creation.

– Season characters cannot use Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupons or the Secret Scroll of Pure Equilibrium.

– You can use the same mounts, pets and fairies on season characters, however season characters cannot use Dream Horses.

– You can get increased EXP, Season Leveling Aid Boxes when reaching certain levels, Secret Book of the Misty Breeze that grants extra Skill Points, and other benefits in the season servers.

– Season characters cannot equip normal gear, but they can equip “Naru” and season-exclusive “Tuvala” gear. “Naru” gear can be obtained by completing the main questline (from the very beginning to Mediah) from Lv. 1 – Lv. 55. Season characters can equip gear that have the following icons:


Season Character Equipment, Tuvala

● Season characters can exchange PEN (V) Naru gear for PRI (I) Tuvala gear via Fughar, as such gear will help you continue your adventure onward to new horizons.

– Tuvala gear offers great performance for adventurers looking to grow their characters.

– Tuvala gear can be enhanced up to PEN(V) by using materials which can only be obtained on the season servers. Time-filled Black Stones, Tuvala Ores, Refined Magical Black Stones and the Frozen Tides Black Stone can be used to enhance Tuvala gear.

※ Season exclusive items obtainable during the season will also be deleted once the season ends.
※ Unclaimed Seasonal challenge rewards will also be deleted once the season ends.


Enhancing Naru gear on a seasonal character to PEN(V) will allow you to convert that Naru gear into a Tuvala gear piece. You can do this by pressing RT+Y/R2+△ in the inventory window which will open up the exchange window, allowing you to transfer your PEN(V) Naru Weapons and Armor into PRI(I) Tuvala.


Special Items to help you grow on the season server

● In the season server, you can acquire the following items through killing monsters, or various missions available at the monster region.

– These items can only be obtained on the season servers.

– Detailed useage of these items can be found in the item tooltips of each item.

Time-filled Black Stone This item is used to enhance Tuvala gear through the Black Spirit. It can also be exchanged for various enhancement materials through the NPC Fughar.
Tuvala Ore Can be used to exchange for Tuvala items from the Blacksmith in villages across the world.
Tuvala Ore can also be used to repair the Max. Durability of Tuvala gear directly. Max Durability decreases on unsucessful enhancement attempts.
Refined Magical Black Stone Refined Magical Black Stones are used to guarantee Tuvala gear enhancement from PRI (I) to TRI(III) [excluding accessories].

They can also be used to exchange for various enhancement materials from Fughar.

Frozen Tides Black Stone Guarantees an enhancement success of Tuvala gear from TET (IV) to PEN (V).
[Season] Rift’s Crystal You can exchange this item for items with the NPC Fughar.
Aurora Snowflake You can exchange this item for a variety of useful items through Pulvio, an NPC in Velia.
Rift’s Fragment/ Rift’s Echo If you collect five Rift’s Fragments, and combine them in your inventory (ensure auto-sorting is off), you can get a Rift’s Echo.
When using the Rift’s Echo, a powerful set of bosses will appear. Defeating these monsters will drop items useful for enhancing, and can even drop enhanced accessories.
※ These fights can be particularly challenging. It is heavily recommended that you join other Adventurers in a party before using the Rift’s Echo.


● You can exchange Time-filled Black Stones and [Season] Rift’s Crystal with the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager Fughar, an NPC in most major towns.

– All items can be checked and exchanged with Fughar when the items are stored in your inventory.


● Tuvala Ore can be exchanged for unenhanced Tuvala gear and accessories with Blacksmiths in towns and villages.

– All items can be exchanged with the Blacksmith by interacting with the Blacksmith in a village while having a Tuvala Ore in your inventory.


Season Server’s special reward, Season Pass

● Added the Season Pass where special rewards can be obtained when a season character completes certain objectives.

– The Black Desert Season Pass can be viewed by activating your inventory window and pressing (R2 + □/ RT+X) while the inventory window is open.

– Rewards that can help your character progress will be given each time an objective is completed.

– You can also purchase the Black Spirit Pass in the Pearl Shop to get even more rewards.

– When proceeding with the simplified main questline, talk to Black Spirit after completing each chapter of Fughar’s Memorandum to complete each Season Pass objective.


● Added the items “[Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I/II.” 15 of these items can each be obtained through the Season Pass and the Black Spirit Pass. They can be used to complete daily quests from Fughar.

– The rewards obtainable by completing the daily quest with the items “[Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I/II” are the same and are listed below.

Item Name Reward

[Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1

Advice of Valks (+20) x1

[Season] Great Pioneer’s Chest x1

[Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate II


● Added the item, “[Season] Aurora Snowflake.’ You can obtain this item by opening Leveling Aid Boxes that you obtain as a season pass reward, and can exchange it for the following items via the NPC Pulvio.



Enhance your Gear with Time-filled Black Stones!

● In order to enhance your Tuvala gear, you need the special Time-filled Black Stones!

– Time-filled Black Stones can be obtained when defeating monsters on the season server.


● The probability of succesfully enhancing Tuvala gear is as follows.

– You can increase your enhancement chance number by using Advice of Valks, Valks’ Cry, or failing to enhance gear and accessories

Tuvala Gear
Enhancement Level Enhancement Chance Success Rate
DUO(II) 20 60.00%
TRI(III) 30 60.00%
TET(IV) 40 35.00%
PEN(V) 60 35.00%


Tuvala Accessories
Enhancement Level Enhancement Chance Success Rate
PRI(I) 10 84.00%
DUO(II) 20 77.00%
TRI(III) 30 72.00%
TET(IV) 35 59.50%
PEN(V) 40 50.40%


● Tuvala Weapons and Armor can also be enhanced at certain levels with the Refined Magical Black Stone. The enhancement chance for this method is 100%, but it consumes more durability.

Enhancement Level Number of Refined Magical Black Stones Required.
+15 → PRI(I) x10
PRI(I) → DUO(II) x15
DUO(II) → TRI(III) x20

● Using the Refined Magical Black Stone to enhance will cause the maximum durability of your item to decrease by 20 durability for each enhancement with the stone.


● Items that fail to enhance lose maximum durability. For Tuvala gear, you can use Tuvala Ore to repair the missing durability.

– You can also use other Tuvala gear of the same type that has not been enhanced to repair durability.


● Reaching Lv. 60 and Lv. 61 with a season character will fulfill challenges (Reward>Challenge) where you can get a PEN (V) Tuvala Ring x1 and a PEN (V) Tuvala Earring x1.

※ Challenges not received at the end of a season will be deleted. Make sure to collect these items before season ends.


● You can also use the “Frozen Tides Black Stone” during the Winter Season. You can obtain this item through a variety of means such as the Season Pass and from the seasonal Atoraxxion. This item will grant 100% guaranteed enhancement of Tuvala gear (excluding accessories) from TET (IV) to PEN (V).



Season Server Content

● Season characters can use a season-exclusive Atoraxxion.

– Season characters will automatically enter the season-exclusive Atoraxxion on the season servers.

– Seasonal Atoraxxion is recommended for Adventurers who have Tuvala gear enhanced to DUO (II) or higher.


● Season Characters have access to a season-exclusive weekly Atoraxxion quest.

Quest Name Starting NPC Objectives Completion NPC Reward
Vestige of a Rift Bestowed by Vaha
Fughar Conquer: Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea, then examine Vaha’s Time Capsule Vaha’s Time Capsule Atoraxxion: Rift Chest

Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Syca

Fughar Conquer Atoraxxion: Sycrakea, then examine Syca’s Time Capsule Syca’s Time Capsule Atoraxxion: Rift Chest

※ The quests above can be picked up by season characters level 57 or higher.

– The conditions for entering Atoraxxion are as follows:

* Lv. 57 or higher

* Completed the ‘Invitation from I’ Black Spirit main questline

* Have achieved either Succession or Awakening

* Can enter once the ‘[5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion’ main quest has been accepted.

– You can obtain the following items from the Atoraxxion: Rift Chest:

Obtainable Items
▼ Guaranteed
Rift’s Echo x1
Time-filled Black Stone x200
Tuvala Ore x30
Refined Magical Black Stone x30
Advice of Valks (+30) x1
Advice of Valks (+20) x2

▼ According to a Set Probability
PRI(I) ~ TRI (III) Tuvala Accessory x1
Frozen Tides Black Stone x1

● During the winter season, you can also carry out challenges in ‘Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea’ and ‘Atoraxxion: Sycrakea’.
– Each challenge can only be completed once per family.

– After completing the objectives for ‘Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea’ and ‘Atoraxxion: Sycrakea’, the challenge will appear completed after reconnecting with the character that completed the challenge.

– The challenges must be carried out on the Season Server.

Challenge Name Challenge Objective Rewards
[Season] On the Lucretia Dagger! Defeat Urukios and gain knowledge of ‘On the Lucretia Dagger.’ Atoraxxion: Rift Chest x1
[Season] Corrupt Yolun Dagger Defeat Centilutos and gain knowledge of ‘Corrupt Yolun Dagger’ Atoraxxion: Rift Chest x1

※ Challenge rewards must be accepted before the end of the season. Once the season ends, these rewards will be deleted, and you will be unable to reclaim the rewards.


● Added the season server exclusive content “Ancient Weapon Invasion.”

– There were reports that Ancient Weapons have appeared in Mediah and Valencia regions and are wrecking the place. Hence the Capital Guards of Altinova and Valencia are recruiting adventurers to stop these Ancient Weapons.

– Defeat the monsters of the Mediah and Valencia Monster Zones in a Season Server and there is a set chance that the Ancient Weapon Invasion event will start.

– A warning message will appear when the Ancient Weapon Invasion event starts. 5 minutes after that, several Ancient Weapons will appear. The more adventurers there are nearby, the more Ancient Weapons will appear.

– Defeat all Ancient Weapons as well as the boss to get the loot listed below.

Time-filled Black Stone
Tuvala Ore
Refined Magical Black Stone
Specter’s Energy
Sharp Spirit Stone of Destruction
Sharp Spirit Stone of Protection
Tuvala Accessory Box
Enchanted Scroll(+20)
Enchanted Scroll(+30)
Enchanted Scroll(+40)
Gold Bar 1G
Gold Bar 10G
Gold Bar 100G
Soiled Ogre Ring

* You may obtain one Tuvala Accessory enhanced up to DUO(II) from the Tuvala Accessory Box.



For Faster Growth!

● A seasonal character only quest has been added, that will allow you to earn around 30% EXP at level 60.

– ‘[Season] To Greater Heights’ is available once per family.

Quest Name NPC Objective
[Season] To Greater Heights! Black Spirit Kill 5,000 monsters

● Added a “simplified main questline” that Adventurers can select. However, this questline is only available during the season server. You cannot select the questline once the season ends.

– The simplified questline will be available to a season character that has completed the entire Mediah main questline and completed the quest “[Pet] Bareeds Junaid” from Bareeds III at least once.

– Once your season character reaches Velia through the main questline and completes the quest “The Sage of Velia,” go to Alustin in Velia to start the simplified questline by accepting the quest “[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family.”

– You will not be able to proceed with the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah main questlines upon accepting this quest. Instead, you will be able to level freely and receive rewards for reaching certain levels.

– The last quest of the simplified questline, a character who has completed “[Season] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 11,” will have fulfilled the same prerequisites as a character who has completed the Mediah main questline and allow them to start the Valencia questline.

– Additionally, when progressing through each of the quests, the character will get inventory expansion quests and certain regular quests.

– When you select the simplified main questline by accepting “[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family” from the NPC Alustin during the main questline, you can talk to the Black Spirit to complete the Season Pass after reaching the objective for each Fughar’s Memorandum.

※ You cannot accept the normal main questline once you’ve accepted the simplified main questline from the crossroads quest.


● Once you complete the weekly quest for defeating monsters in each monster zone, you can obtain Rift’s Echo x1 and select one of the following rewards: Time-filled Black Stone x600, Tuvala Ore x90, or Refined Magical Black Stone x40.

– You can accept the following weekly quests from a Node Manager of each monster zone marked via the “[Season] Stronger Tuvala Gear” quests on the Quest (O) window -> Recurring tab.

– [Weekly] Hordes of Bandits

– [Weekly] Rules of the Roud Sulfur Works

– [Weekly] Impenitent Criminals

– [Weekly] Homesick Desert Naga

– [Weekly] Dangerous Argos Saunils

– [Weekly] Help that Never Arrives

– [Weekly] New Mushroom Dish

– [Weekly] Rule of Power

– [Weekly] A Soldier Who Cannot Go Home

– [Weekly] For the Forest

– [Weekly] Frenzy of Manshaums

– [Weekly] Full-scale Cleaning of the Tshira Ruins

– [Weekly] Blood Wolf Extermination

– [Weekly] Training with the Shultz Guard

– [Weekly] Revenge against the Basilisk

– [Weekly] Sleep-disrupting Centaurus

– [Weekly] Accepted by the Bashim

– [Weekly] Purify the Sherekhan Necropolis

– [Weekly] Breeding Protties

– [Weekly] Preparing to Leave

– [Weekly] Bounty on the Cadries

– [Weekly] A Rattling Sound

● Successfully enhance a Tuvala defense gear or weapon to TRI (III) or TET (IV) to to obtain Advice of Valks (+40) and (+60) through the following quests:

* [Enhancement] Even Harder Tuvala Helmet I, II

* [Enhancement] Even Sturdier Tuvala Armor I, II

* [Enhancement] Even Tougher Tuvala Gloves I, II

* [Enhancement] Even Swifter Tuvala Shoes I, II

* [Enhancement] Even Stronger Tuvala Main Weapon I, II

* [Enhancement] Even Fancier Tuvala Sub-weapon I, II

* [Enhancement] Even Sharper Tuvala Awakening Weapon I, II


● Season characters can accept the following quests from the Black Spirit after proceeding with the main questlines of Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan, to obtain some Tuvala enhancing materials.

– [Season] Rabam’s Gift

– [Season] Sahazad’s Gift

– [Season] Weekly monster quests

– [Season] Brolina’s Gift

– [Season] Durgeff’s Gift

– [Season] Hughol’s Gift


● Season characters can obtain copies of the Secret Book of the Misty Breeze, which grants a large amount of Skill EXP, from the Black Spirit after completing the main questlines of Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah.

– [Season Server] First Step to Greatness, Balenos

– [Season Server] Into the Tangled World, Serendia

– [Season Server] Fate, Justice, and Power, Calpheon

– [Season Server] Fixer of Turbulent Times, Mediah

※ If you’re proceeding with the simplified main questline, you can obtain the aforementioned secret books each time you complete a chapter of Fughar’s Memorandum.


● Added special zone quests in certain regions like Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan with the start of Winter Season.

– Zone quests will be accepted automatically when you enter a monster zone and meet the level requirement. Your quest progression will be displayed on the top right side of the screen. These quests have rewards that can help you in your adventures.

– The level requirements are different depending on the difficulty of the monster zone. The quests provide different rewards based on the difficulty of the monster zones.

Region Level Requirement
Bashim Base Lv. 56 or higher
Desert Naga Temple Lv. 56 or higher
Titium Valley Lv. 56 or higher
Cadry Ruins Lv. 57 or higher
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair Lv. 57 or higher
Crescent Shrine Lv. 57 or higher
Tshira Ruins Lv. 57 or higher
Fadus Habitat Lv. 57 or higher
Protty Cave Lv. 57 or higher
Polly’s Forest Lv. 58 or higher
Waragon Next Lv. 58 or higher
Taphtar Plain Lv. 60 or higher
Basilisk Den Lv. 60 or higher
Roud Sulfur Mine Lv. 60 or higher
Pila Ku Jail Lv. 60 or higher
Sherekhan Necropolis Lv. 60 or higher
Blood Wolf Settlement Lv. 60 or higher
Forest Ronaros Area Lv. 60 or higher
Navarn Steppe Lv. 60 or higher
Manshaum Forest Lv. 60 or higher

※ As Winter season begins, certain quests related to season such as those above, were automatically abandoned.

※ Certain season-related quests will not count towards your total number of quests completed.


■ Let’s grow anew on the season server! You can find more information on the GM Note




[Xbox Only]

● Xbox One and Xbox One S will now only be able to see the default appearance and default costumes of other characters.

● Xbox- The process of automatically optimizing memory used with monsters and NPC’s after a certain amount of time has been added.

● Xbox – Some item data relating to quests has been optimized.

●Xbox – Fixed an issue where using the Memory Optimizer at a specific location would terminate the game.

※ These changes were added to PlayStation during the 12/14 Client Patch.



Content Changes

● Changed the loot table for Blue Whales hunted from the seas of Balenos, Calpheon, and Mediah.

– While Blue Whale Oil and Tendon will now be a guaranteed drop from butchering Blue Whales after hunting them, we’ve slightly reduced the maximum amount of Blue Whale Tendons obtainable.

– You can obtain the following items from butchering Blue Whales after hunting them down.

Obtainable Items
Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece x1 Blue Whale Meat x2~5 Blue Whale Tendon x1~2 Blue Whale Oil x1
Blue Whale Molar x1 Shimmering Piece of the Old Moon x1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard x2~3 Hard Black Crystal Shard x2~3
Mass of Pure Magic x1 Black Stone (Weapon) x2~10 Black Stone (Armor) x2~10 Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature – Adamantine x1
Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power x1 Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience x1 Gold Bar 10G 1개 Gold Bar 100G 1개
Ancient Spirit Dust x10~20 Bloody Ruby x1 Ocean Sapphire x1 Gold Topaz x1
Forest Emerald x1 Star Diamond x1 Concentrated Magical Black Gem x1~2 Black Gem Fragment x1~5
Black Gem x1~2 Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x1~2

● Removed thee [Season] Rift’s Roots from the Atoraxxion: Rift Chest (previously known as Vahmalkea: Rift Chest).

● Fixed an issue where the Tier 8 Female Horse that comes from the ‘Horse Emblem: Tier 8 White Horse (Female)’ could not be communicated to.


● Changed the method by which you can exchange Gold Bars with NPCs for 120-min buffs.

– You can exchange gold bars for buffs with the following NPCs in each city

Location NPC Name
Velia Ottavio Ferre
Heidel Arsen
Calpheon Leona
Altinova Zigmund
Valencia City Nerasabi Alom
Grana Merindora
Duvencrune Altar

– Changed the items required to exchange for buffs to the following:

Before After
Gold Bar 1G x5 Gold Bar 10G x3


– Changed the effects of the 120-min buffs you can get by exchanging Gold Bar 10G x3 with the NPCs mentioned above to the following:

Buff Types Previous Buffs Changed Buffs
Attack  All AP +3/5/8 중 (1 at random)
All Accuracy +3/5/8 (1 at random)
All AP +8
All Accuracy +8
Defense All Damage Reduction +3/5/8 (1 at random)
Max HP +50/100/150 (1 at random)
All Damage Reduction +8
Max HP +150
Experience Combat EXP +5/10/15% (1 at random)
Skill EXP +5/10/15% (1 at random)
Combat EXP +15%
Skill EXP +15%
The “gold bar buff” used by many Adventurers was somewhat inconvenient since you would have to keep exchanging gold bars until you obtained the buffs with the highest stats. Now, you can get the best possible buffs by just handing over a fixed amount of gold bars.


● Changed the maximum number of residences you can purchase as follows.

Before After
Maximum of 7 including normal residences and manor

(after using both Residence +1 Expansion Coupons from quests)

Maximum of 8, including up to 7 normal residences and 1 manor

(after using both Residence +1 Expansion Coupons from quests)


● Fixed an issue where the pet, Gosphy, would sometimes not pick up items correctly.



Pearl Store

● New text has been added to Pearl Furniture items like Drawers, tables, sofas etc. Showing the number of uses and the effects of the items.

● Sage and Corsair Noel outfits have been added to the ‘[Event] Noel Outfit Box’

● The Icon of the Nova Noel Shoes have been modified.


Item Changes

● When enhancing accessories while using Cron Stones, a new line of text has been added to the window highlighting the chance of the enhancement level dropping.

– If accessories fail, there is a 60% chance of the current enhancement level being maintained. There is a 40% chance that the item will degrade in enhancement level if the enhancement fails.


● Fixed an issue where Tier-8 horses could continue to learn skills at level 31 or above.


Monster Changes

● Improved the Agris Fever points consumed when defeating monsters in the following regions to be more efficient.

Region Monsters Points Consumed Before Points Consumed After
Aakman Temple All Monsters 40 20
(200% more efficient)
Hystria Ruins All Monsters 30 20
(166% more efficient)
Kratuga Ancient Ruins Ancient Weapon Bamole
Ancient Weapon Balloten
Ancient Weapon Elqueesh
Ancient Weapon Puruko
Ancient Weapon Kimel
Ancient Sentinel Bamole
Ancient Sentinel Balloten
Ancient Sentinel Kimel
30 15
(200% more efficient)
Ancient Destruction Weapon Belloten
Ancient Destruction Weapon Elqueesh
250 125
(200% more efficient)
Ancient Extermination Weapon Laytenn 500 250
(200% more efficient)
After the update on the improved loot in the Valencia territory, many of you have been going to monster zones in Valencia, such as the Pila Ku Jail and Roud Sulfur Mine. Following this update, we improved the efficiency of Agris Fever to make the Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins more appealing.


UI Changes

● When selecting an objective in the growth pass, the key guide at the bottom has been modified to show that B/○ will close the pop up.

● Added a UI that indicates the probability of learning specific skills in the Pet Exchange window.

● Memory Optimizer has been added as a function that can be used through the main menu.

– You can find the function by going to Settings>Memory Optimizer



Other Changes

● Fixed an issue where the mobs that can be hit with Crowd Control skills in Battle Arena would display unnaturally when hit with a Crowd Control skill.

● Fixed an issue where when cooking in a residence, you could not cook recipes that had unstackable items.

● Fixed an issue where Ogres that appear in Mansha Forest would reset during battle.

● Fixed issues with various typos that appear in conversations with NPC’s around the Acher Guard Post.

● Fixed an issue where the cutscene when first talking to Norma Leight does not play out.

● Fixed an issue where in certain situations, experience would decrease for Tier 8 and Dream Horses above level 50.

● Fixed an issue where the error message that shows when trying to register a horse would display incorrectly.

● Fixed an issue where Magram summoned with the Pila Fe scrolls would occasionally not summon correctly.

● Fixed an issue where the minimap would display incorrectly around Rock Post.

● Fixed an issue where players could get trapped in the environment in Basilisk Den.

● Fixed an issue with Alejandro Farm where the environment would display incorrecly.

● Various areas where abnormal graphics would display in Balenos.

● Fixed irregularities that appeared in Cyclops Land.

Source: Play Black Desert

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