Black Desert Online Update 2.33 Out for Drakania Pre-Creation & More This April 11

black desert online update 2.33

Pearl Abyss has released the Black Desert Online update 2.33 patch today, and this one is for the Drakania pre-creation and more changes! Check out the full Black Desert Online May 11 update patch notes below.

Black Desert Online Update 2.33 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online May 11 Update Patch Notes:


A new update has been released, bringing the Drakania and Season Pre-creation window, the new Dawn Earrings with Abandoned Monastery, and weight reductions on common items! Read on to find out more about what is coming with the latest Black Desert update.

Drakania Pre-Creation Begins!

● Black Desert’s latest class, Drakania, can now be pre-created.
Black Desert Online Update 2.33
– Pre-creation and customization for Drakania is now available.
– With the addition of Drakania, the maximum number of character flots has been increased to 27.
※ Character Slots will be expanded to a maximum of 28 slots in the future.

Season Character Pre-creation begins

● Prepare for the ‘Season: Drakania’, by pre-creating your season character now!
– To create a season character, once your character is customized to your liking, when you go to choose a name for your character, select the ‘Season’ option.

Abandoned Monastery + Dawn Earings! 

● Calpheon Shadow Knights in the Abandoned Monastery have become stronger due to Kzarka’s blessing.
– Changed the Recommended AP for certain monsters beneath the Abandoned Monastery to 280.
– Stronger monsters will have the title [Blessed by Kzarka].
– Upon defeating certain monsters, up to 2 players can receive the loot and a low chance to obtain the Dawn Earring.
– These new monsters in the Abandoned Monastery share Knowledge with the existing ones.
– Killing monsters in the Abandoned Monastary (Restricted Territory), there is a chance that a ‘Dawn’s Grudge’ will appear.
– When there are 5 Dawn’s Grudges, which appear when defeating monsters in the Abandoned Monastery (Restricted Territory), a Specter of Belmorn will appear.
– When the Specter of Belmorn is defeated, the 4 players with the highest contribution will be rewarded.
– Dawn’s Grudge does not dissipated over time.
– No extra ‘Dawn’s Grudge’ will spawn while Belomorn is defeatable.

● Added new item Dawn Earring. Dawn Earrings can be obtained by combining the new item Dawn’s Resentment.
– Dawn’s Resentment and Dawn Earring both have a low chance of dropping from the Calpheon Shadow Knights in the Abandoned Monastery.
– In your Inventory, place Dawn’s Resentment in the center, then Marks of Shadow to its top and bottom, and Shrine Guardian Tokens to its left and right to obtain the Dawn Earring.

Dawn EarringAPAccuracyStamina
I (PRI)62240
II (DUO)82650
III (TRI)103060
IV (TET)123470
V (PEN)1438100

Improved Pet Looting

The way pets acquire loot, as mentioned in CalpheON Episode 2, has been improved. Previously pets had to follow the character when the character moved, so the more the character moved, the slower the speed of picking up loot. As many adventurers have constantly provided their opinions on the topic, we have had a lot of discussions and tests to find a way to improve this situation, and we have been able to improve the way pets behave by looting items first. After this change it is expected that the chance of missing loot even when moving around a lot will be eased.

● The way pet’s pick up items has been improved.
– It has been improved so that pets will pick up loot first, even if the character moves.
– It has also been changed so that using Pet Skills such as hostility detection, rare monster detection etc do not affect the loot collection rate.

Content Changes

● Adjusted the numbers of the Max HP effect, the buff given to losing team, and the minimum AP/Accuracy/Damage Reduction given to characters participating in Red Battlefield.

Max HP+1+1,000
Buff given to losing teamMax HP +100
AP +30
Damage Reduction +20
Max HP +500
AP +30
Damage Reduction +20
Minimum AP130200
Minimum Accuracy380580
Minimum Damage Reduction70180

※ Characters that enter the Red Battlefield with AP/Accuracy/Damage Reduction lower than the minimum will have them raised to the minimum.

Conquest War/ Node War

We received a lot of feedback from our Adventurers, including from CalpheON Episode 2, on the possibility of enjoying Conquest Wars in another region, different from the previous one. So we made the decision to rotate the stat restriction applied in Conquest Wars of each territory. We are planning to appropriately change or maintain the rotation of stat restrictions for Conquest Wars after seeing how it’s used by our Adventurers.

● Changed stat restrictions for Conquest Wars in Calpheon, Valencia, and Mediah as follows:

CalpheonNo LimitsAP Limit: 457
Evasion Limit: 818
Evasion Rate Limit: 20%
Damage Reduction Limit: 326
Damage Reduction Rate Limit: 19%
Accuracy Limit: 719
Accuracy Rate Limit: 20%
All Resistance Limit: –
Special Evasion Rate Limit: 20%
ValenciaAP Limit: 475
Evasion Limit: 847
Evasion Rate Limit: 20%
Damage Reduction Limit: 347
Damage Reduction Rate Limit: 23%
Accuracy Limit: 726
Accuracy Rate Limit: 20%
All Resistance Limit: –
Special Evasion Rate Limit: 30%
No Limits
MediahAP Limit: 457
Evasion Limit: 818
Evasion Rate Limit: 20%
Damage Reduction Limit: 326
Damage Reduction Rate Limit: 19%
Accuracy Limit: 719
Accuracy Rate Limit: 20%
All Resistance Limit: –
Special Evasion Rate Limit: 20%
AP Limit: 475
Evasion Limit: 847
Evasion Rate Limit: 20%
Damage Reduction Limit: 347
Damage Reduction Rate Limit: 23%
Accuracy Limit: 726
Accuracy Rate Limit: 20%
All Resistance Limit: –
Special Evasion Rate Limit: 30%


Adjustments were made to the Command Posts and Field HQs built to participate in Conquest Wars. Guilds participating in Conquest Wars can install either Command Posts or Field HQs depending on which is more strategically advantageous for their members. Guilds that install Command Posts can have their members charge in headfirst at their enemies, while guilds that install Field HQs can aim to make Cannon Observatories to rain down artillery. Also, the cooldown reduction for reviving at Recovery Centers applied in Conquest Wars has been increased. This makes it possible to revive faster from both Command Posts and Field HQs than before.

● Changed the quantity of Command Posts and Field HQs you can install in Conquest Wars as follows:

– Command Post

Max Number of Annexes100110
Wooden Fence5050
Wooden Fence Gate11
Recovery Center510
Cannon Observatory103
Elephant Nursery33
Flame Tower23
Supply Tower12
Siege Defense Tower2040

– Field HQ

Max number of Annexes110110
Wooden Fence5050
Wooden Fence Gate22
Recovery Center65
Cannon Observatory1010
Elephant Nursery33
Flame Tower33
Supply Depot22
Siege Defense Tower4060


● Changed the revival cooldown reduction effect of Recovery Centers for Conquest Wars as follows:
– Cooldown reduction for reviving from a Conquest War: -3 sec → Cooldown reduction for reviving from a Conquest War: -6 sec


● Fixed an issue where if a wooden gate was destroyed whilst under construction in Node War, players would not be able to pass through the gap for a certain period.
● Improved the Node/Conquest War Supply Depot vendors and the NPC Vendors Duncan, Dulgun, and Olympia to now sell [Guild] Instant HP Potion (Extra Large) and [Guild] Instant MP Potion (Extra Large).
– The items [Guild] Instant HP Potion (Extra Large) and [Guild] Instant MP Potion (Extra Large) can be purchased with 2,000 Silver from guild funds and can be sold for 600 guild Silver.
– The items [Guild] Instant HP Potion (Extra Large) and [Guild] Instant MP Potion (Extra Large) can only be used during Node/Conquest Wars.

Character Changes

● Fixed the issue for the following classes where the idle animation was abnormally short.
– Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Dark Knight, Guardian

Black Desert Online Update 2.33 Tamer

In the process of rebooting Tamer, we focused on enhancing her representation and unique combat style by increasing the utilization of Heilang. After the reboot, many Adventurers have been enjoying combat with the improved utilization of Heilang. However, Adventurers playing other classes as well as Adventurers playing Tamer have given us feedback on how only the skill Roaring is used while mounted on a horse. We thought a lot about this situation and came to the conclusion that it does require some improvement and change. First of all, the overall cooldown was reduced for the skill Prime: Roaring, but it was changed to not be activated during cooldown. Instead, the skill effects of Prime: Roaring were adjusted to be applied in other skills as well since it is an important skill on the ground as well. Also, adjustments were made to work as a substitute when Roaring cannot be activated such as skill combos or improvements on utilization so that you can deal damage enough. Due to this adjustment, you’ll no longer be able to use only Roaring while mounted like you could before. This might be slightly disappointing for many Adventurers playing Tamer, but we thought it was a necessary improvement, considering future updates including Pet AI improvements and the development of Tier 5 pets, etc. and in the long run. We ask for our Tamer Adventurers to be understanding of this. We will continue to check and make improvements even after the update.

● Roaring – Cooldown changed as follows

Skill NameBeforeAfter
Roaring (I to VI), Absolute: Roaring25/24.5/24/23/22/20/20 sec.14/13/12/11/10/9/9 sec.
Prime: Roaring I ~ IV16/14/12/10 sec10/9/8/7 sec.


● Void Lightning, Air Lightning – Made the following changes:
– Absolute: Void Lightning, Prime: Void Lightning – Added the effect where you draw nearby enemies’ attention.
– Improved to combo more smoothly into Evasion and Legendary Beast’s Power.
– Improved to be able to combo into Stretch Kick, Fearful Trembling, and enhanced skills even during Void Lightning’s cooldown.
● Bolt Wave – Made the following changes:
– Changed to now consume MP instead of Stamina.
– Removed the “Recover MP per hit target” effect.
– Changed to now recover Stamina during the skill.
● Jolt Wave – Made the following changes:
– Changed to now recover Stamina during the skill.
– The amount of MP consumed was increased.

● Prime: Jolt Wave – Made the following changes:
– Changed Critical Hit Rate to no longer be applied on cooldown.
– Improved to perform extra attacks more quickly and smoothly.
– Improved to combo more smoothly into Legendary Beast’s Power after performing extra attacks.
– Changed to no longer be able to combo into Bolt Wave after performing extra attacks.
– Fixed the issue where Knockdown was applied in PvE upon performing extra attacks.

● Succession: Fearful Trembling – Increased the number of hits from 3 hits to 5 hits.
● Prime: Surging Tide – Improved to combo into the following skills more quickly:
– Lightning of Earth, Flash, Trample, Scratch, Whiplash, Upward Claw, Throat-Burn, and Prime: Roaring

● Prime: Allround Spinner – Unified all extra attacks to match the widest attack range.
● Trample – Made the following changes:
– Added the “Recover MP per hit per target” effect.
– (I to III), Absolute – Changed the “Recover HP on hits” to “Recover HP per hit per target” to match its actual effect.

● Whiplash – Removed the “Push target on hits” effect applied only in PvE.
● Heilang: Howling – Made the following changes:
– Improved to combo more smoothly into Leaves Dropping, Flow: Gust, Legendary Beast’s Power, Cloud Stomping, and Legendary Beast Dance: Echo.
– Improved to be able to be activated during cooldown.

● Allround Spinner – Changed the cooldown as follows

15/14/13/12  sec.10/9/8/7 sec.

● Legendary Beast Dance – Made the following changes:

Recover HP/MP per hit6/6/7/816/16/16/16
PVE Damage543%/668%/811%/1345%597%/735%/892%/1480%
Critical Hit Rate40%/50%/60%/70%

– Improved to start performing the Vermillion Bird attack and continue the skill to Black Turtle attack when holding R1/RB.
– Added Down Attack.

● Legendary Beast Dance: Echo – Made the following changes:
– Changed the “All DP Increase” effect applied in Resonance: White Tiger to be applied in Resonance: Black Turtle and increased to “All DP +20.”
– Added the “Target’s All DP reduced on hits” effect when activated in Resonance: White Tiger..

● Cloud Stomping – Made the following changes:

Critical Hit Rate40%100%
Cooldown9 sec.7 sec.

● Flow: Full Moon – Cooldown Changed as follows:

Cooldown7 sec.5 sec.

Black Desert Online Update 2.33 Witch, Wizard

● Prime: Earth Arrow (II to III) – Removed the description on commands that didn’t match the actual command.
– Hold RB/R1 or RT/R2 to perform extra attacks

Black Desert Online Update 2.33 Witch
● Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage, Prime: Lightning Storm: Combo – Fixed the issue where a 10 second cooldown would be applied instead of a 9 sec cooldown.

Black Desert Online Update 2.33 Archer
● Full Bloom – Fixed the issue where the skill add-on wouldn’t be applied upon learning Flow: Grand Bloom.

Item Changes

As time has passed, we have added many items to the world of Black Desert. As a result, it became increasingly difficult to know about which items are needed, and how they are used. We are making steps to addressing this today, and will continue improving item descriptions in the future.

● The descriptions of many items has improved so that the acquisition and use of different items can be easily recognized.
– Descriptions of items will be improved sequentially.

Black Stones, Memory Fragments, Hunter’s Seals, Gold Bars, Node/Conquest War items, and many more items would naturally pile up in our Adventurer’s Inventory and take up a significant amount of weight. However, this will be changed as 344 items had their weight reduced. We hope this will help our Adventurers take off on their adventures, lighter than before.

● Decreased the weights of Gold Bars, Seals, Black Stones, and other stackable items (a total of 344 items).

Item NamePrevious WeightNew Weight
Black Stone Items0.35 LT0.1 LT
Memory Fragment, Sandstorm Crystal0.3 LT0.1 LT
Pets & Fairy Items0.2 ~ 0.5 LT0.1 LT
Horse Capturing Items0.7 LT0.1 LT
Seals0.3 ~ 0.5 LT0.1 LT
Hunting Items0.3 LT0.1 LT
Crystal Materials1 LT0.1 LT
Gold Bars2 ~ 150 LT1~ 75 LT
Explosives0.7 ~ 50 LT0.3 ~ 30 LT
Guild Supplies0.35 ~ 10 LT0.2 ~ 1 LT
Others (Keys, etc.)0.3 LT0.1 LT
Designs and Permits0.3 LT0.1 LT

– You can see the full list of items that have their weight reduced below.


As announced during CalpheON Episode 2, the processing stones were combined. We searched for a way to combine these stones together as many of our Adventurers have requested this change. Now, Adventurers will be able to mass process a variety of items with a single processing stone. We are also currently working hard on developing the Life Inventory..

● Processing Stones have been condensed into one item
– As the Processing Stones have been condensed, you can now use one processing stone for all types of processing.

Manos Processing Stone – Lake
Manos Processing Stone – Vitality
Manos Processing Stone – Energy
Manos Processing Stone – Sun
Manos Processing Stone – Wind
Manos Processing Stone – Lava

Manos Processing Stone
Techthon Processing Stone – Lake
Techthon Processing Stone – Vitality
Techthon Processing Stone – Energy
Techthon Processing Stone – Sun
Techthon Processing Stone – Wind
Techthon Processing Stone – Lava

Processing Stone
Loggia Processing Stone – Lake
Loggia Processing Stone – Vitality
Loggia Processing Stone – Energy
Loggia Processing Stone – Sun
Loggia Processing Stone – Wind
Loggia Processing Stone – Lava

Loggia Processing Stone

● Due to the consolidation of these items, the pre-existing processing stones will no longer be sold by the vendors. Instead, you will be able to purchase the new Loggia Processing Stone and Techthon Processing Stone from the same NPC vendors you purchased the pre-existing processing stones from.
– Removed: Loggia Processing Stone – Lake, Vitality, Energy, Sun, Wind, Lava, and Techthon Processing Stone – Lake, Vitality, Energy, Sun, Wind, Lava
– Added: Loggia Processing Stone, Techthon Processing Stone

As the processing stones were consolidated, the pre-existing processing stones that you had can either be used as an item or sold to NPC vendors for Silver. The pre-existing processing stones in your possession have all been replaced with “Sealed” processing stones. If you would like to use the processing stone as an item, then you can equip it after using it with Simple Alchemy.
Otherwise, you can sell all the extra processing stones for Silver to NPC vendors at the highest price that they were being sold at on the Central Market across the world.

● The following changes were made to your pre-existing Manos, Techthon, Loggia Processing Stones you have in your possession:
– All of your Processing Stones were removed from your possession and Sealed Processing Stones with the same enhancement level were sent to your Mailbox. (e.g.: +13 Manos Processing Stone – Lake → Sealed +13 Manos Processing Stone)
– Sealed Processing Stones cannot be equipped. You can either sell them to vendors for silver or use Simple Alchemy to make them into processing stones that can be equipped.
– You can see below how much Silver the Sealed Processing Stones will sell via NPC vendors.
※ If there are multiple items sent to your mailbox, you may need to take one item out at a time.

● Added a new method to make Manos Processing Stones as the old Manos Processing Stone – Lake, Vitality, Energy, Sun, Wind, and Lava will no longer be available.

How to Make Manos Processing Stone
Moonlight Opal x30
Gem Polisher x15
Manos Stone x5
Magical Shard x50
※ Manufacture


● Separated [Ninja] Sicarios Gloves from the [Ninja] Sicarios Armor.
– Added [Ninja] Sicarios Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain the [Ninja] Sicarios Armor.
* Adventurers who had the [Ninja] Sicarios Armor in their possession will find the [Ninja] Sicarios Shoes in their storage in Heidel.
※ Please contact [Support] and attach screenshots of the item tooltips displaying the info of the dyes applied to the outfit previously if the color has changed.

● Added ways to exchange Leila’s Petal for Mythical Spirit Powder.
– You can exchange Leila’s Petal x1 for Mythical Spirit Powder x5.
– You can make the exchange via Fairy Queen Theiah at the Kamasylve Temple.
– Text on the pertaining exchanges was added to the item description of Leila’s Petal.

● Item descriptions have been cleaned up to remove typos.

● Fixed the issue where the max durability increased from successful enhancement of items while using Item Copy wouldn’t be applied to the copied items.
● Added a text describing how to check out info on crafting to the item descriptions of Delotia and Delotia Essence.

You can now keep multiple Talibre’s Tears (an item required to enter Atoraxxion, a co-op dungeon) conveniently in your storage and inventory since they were changed to now be stackable instead of taking up individual slots in your inventory.

● Improved Talibre’s Tear to now be stackable in one slot of your inventory.
– The Talibre’s Tears in your possession will be retrieved and sent to your storage in Heidel.

● Changed the materials needed to enhance and recover durability of accessories obtained as rewards from the main questline.
– Affected Items: Tears of the Wind Necklace, Forest’s Eye Earring, Red Sand Crystal Ring, Rock Heart Belt
– Enhancement Material: Freed Magical Black Stone → Black Stone (Weapon)
– Durability Recovery Material: Freed Magical Shard (Recovered 20 Max Durability) → Memory Fragment (Recover 50 Max Durability)

● Removed Freed Magical Black Stone and Freed Magical Shard. Adventurers with these items will be compensated with the following:
– Freed Magical Black Stone x1 → Black Stone (Weapon) x5
– Freed Magical Shard x1 → Memory Fragment x1

● Sent the following items to Heidel Storage as replacements for the enhancement materials that were changed.
– Freed Magical Black Stone x1 → Black Stone (Weapon) x1
– Freed Magical Shard x1 → Memory Fragment x1
※ If you already have more than 192 items stored in Heidel Storage, then you can take the items out by taking out other items in the storage first.

● Changed the icon for the Character Weight & Inventory Exchange Coupon Item
● Added the item, Quick Flare.
– Quick Flare is an item that you can use more quickly and swiftly than the regular Flare that lights up and shows enemies within the range.
– You can craft Quick Flare at a Lv. 3 Siege Weapon Workshop just like Flare.
– You need Black Stone (Weapon) x20, Powder of Flame x50, Melted Copper Shard x30, and Coal x5 to craft Quick Flare.
※ Quick Flare cannot be registered on the Central Market.

● Added a way to obtain [Manor] Cherry Tree.
– You can exchange it for Mysterious Seed x5 via the Seed Vendor Ahr in Calpheon.

● Increased the Silver prices of Pearl items and amount of extractable Valks’ Cry and Cron Stones from all Pearl Outfits that can be registered on the Central Market.

 Valks CryCron Stone
Main Weapon223466102
Sub Weapon14204260
Awakening Weapon284084120

– The maximum Central Market Price of outfits has been increased from 300,000,000 Silver to 600,000,000 on Premium Costume Sets

Quest and Knowledge Changes

Weekly quests from which you can obtain materials required to craft Odore’s Spirit Essence and Ornette’s Sprit Essence were added.
You can now additionally obtain one of the items listed in the chart below just by investing around an hour of your time per week.
We hope for Adventurers who are attempting to crafting Odore’s Spirit Essences and Ornette’s Spirit Essences can now aim towards achieving a more visible goal and Adventurers who haven’t been able to make attempts and have just started the adventure to think of it as a steppingstone in the adventure.

● Added six weekly quests from which you can obtain materials required for crafting Odore’s Spirit Essence and Ornette’s Spirit Essence.
– These are weekly quests that will reset every Thursday after 12AM UTC+0
– You can select and complete only one of the following six weekly quests per week from Node Management NPCs located in each region.
※ You can accept the following weekly quests with the “Combat” filter on for Quest Type from the Quests Menu.

QuestsStart NPCObjectiveRewards
[Weekly] Blood Wolf’s OathMyra
(Night Crow Post)
Defeat Kagtums

Blood Wolf’s Oath x5
300 Contribution EXP
[Weekly] Tranquil TinniolumNavir
(Acher Western Camp)
Defeat Forest Ronaros

Tranquil Tinniolum x5
300 Contribution EXP
[Weekly] Dragon’s FangCamira
(Sherekhan Necropolis)
Purify the Sherekhan Necropolis

Dragon’s Fang x5
300 Contribution EXP
[Weekly] Narc’s SolaceViverza
(Manshaum Forest)
Break the faith of the Manshaums

Narc’s Solace x5
300 Contribution EXP
[Weekly] Katzvariak’s VenomLeon
(Tshira Ruins)
Clean up the Tshira Ruins

Katzvariak’s Venom x5
300 Contribution EXP
[Weekly] Valtarra’s MemoryEnro
(Navarn Steppe)
Clean up Navarn Steppe x3,000
Obtain Soft Ferri Feather x500

Valtarra’s Memory x5
300 Contribution EXP


We increased the contribution EXP rewards for the regular quests in Balenos and Serendia. The regular quests are optional in the world of Black Desert, however, we felt that new Adventurers starting out and taking the time to explore the world should have enough points to rent storage and activate production nodes.

● Increased the contribution EXP rewards for 208 regular quests in Balenos to the following:
– You can see the list of quests where the contribution EXP rewards were increased below.

● Increased the contribution EXP rewards for 124 regular quests in Serendia to the following:
– You can see the list of quests where the contribution EXP rewards were increased below.

● Changed the NPC for the quest, [Adventure Log] Wager for the Magic Tome, required to proceed with Caphras’ adventure log, from Zahad, the Smuggler of Valencia, to the Bookseller, Kiyak.
– Due to this change, the relevant quests, dialogs, and item descriptions were changed.

Other Changes

● Fixed the issue where it seemed like the accumulated skill change points didn’t reset upon successful Dream Horse Awakening with a Tier 8 Courser.
● Heilang: Howling – Fixed the issue where the sound effects wouldn’t play when using the skill during cooldown.
● Fixed issues with various background locations
● Fixed the issue where the music for Conquest Wars wouldn’t play in certain situations during Conquest Wars.
● Fixed the issue where someone could climb on to an area on top of installed [Conquest] Command Post/Field HQ and not take damage in certain situations.
● Changed Barricades built near the Indomitable Flag to only be installable within the Node/Conquest War region during Node/Conquest Wars.
● Fixed the issue where the [Dark Knight] Darkborne Rose outfit would appear abnormal with your awakening weapon out.
● Fixed the issue where the arm would appear abnormal when changing stances after equipping [Mystic] Khamsin Clothes and Gauntlet.
● [Hashashin] Fixed the issue where the Cozy Fleece Hat would overlap with certain helmet appearances.
● Improved the visual effects applied upon using Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Spirit Perfume Elixir, Khalk’s Elixir, and Elixir of Deep Sea.
● Fixed the issue where the movements of airships you can see in the sky would appear abnormal.
● Fixed an issue where the Jojo and Putrakium pets were picking up items from a further distance than intended.

That’s it for the patch. Stay tuned for further updates here at MP1st!

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