Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Event Starts May 17th

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With the latest Black Ops II DLC pack hitting PS3 and PC on May 16th, Treyarch will be holding yet another Double XP event.

The team behind Black Ops II has announced through the in-game message system that players can expect to earn double weapon XP this weekend.

“Don’t even think about resting those thumbs, because Double Weapon XP weekend is coming this Friday, May 17, starting at 10am/PDT and running though Monday, May 20 at 10am/PDT,” wrote Treyarch on the MOTD.

Here’s a photo I snapped of the announcement on Xbox 360. Keep in mind, Treyarch always runs the same even for all platforms, so PS3 and PC users should expect the same treatment.

Double XP MP1st

We recently also reported that Treyarch is also working on an update for the PC version of the game and might enable Call of Duty: Ghosts camo on PC.

Having reached Master Prestige few weeks ago, I’m really looking forward to levelling up the rest of the weapons I overlooked. Are you guys excited for this event?