Black Ops 2 – Leaked In-Game Footage of Hidden Weapon Camos [Updated]

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Yesterday, YouTuber TheJaRniBoi gave us an in-game glimpse of some of the upcoming Black Ops 2 DLC weapon camos by searching through some of the Black Ops 2 game files on his PS3.

These are the same four camos that are currently being voted on to see which two will make the cut to become available as in-game, DLC micro-transactions, along with customized weapon reticles and calling cards, all which will become available on May 29.

Through his exploration, TheJaRniBoi was also able to find and unlock a number of hidden Black Ops 2 camos, ones that were never intended for release, but were tucked away somewhere in the game’s files.

Here’s what he found.

Blue Tiger Camo

Zombies Pap Camo

Ice Blue Camo

Dev Camo

Nevada Camo

Swamp Camo

UPDATE: More camos

Tiger Camo

Electric Camo

Flora Camo

Sahara Camo

What do you guys think? Any camos you find cool enough that should have made it to the final game?

Source: MP1st Forums