Black Ops 2 “Orientation” Map Pack Is Fake

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Yesterday, an alleged Black Ops 2 DLC poster suggested the game’s next map pack would be called “Orientation.”

The image also suggested the map pack would contain four new multiplayer maps (Water, Mobile, Southpaw and Plane), a new zombie map called Dead High, and another new DLC weapon. It’s legitimacy, however, has been unconfirmed up until now.

Thanks to MP1st community member MasonMei (originally discovered by “Wolf”), we’ve learned that many of the images used in this poster are, in fact, ripped directly from the promotional material of Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play version of Call of Duty aimed at the Chinese audience.

Compare the “leaked” poster below to the Call of Duty Online images underneath. You’ll see that all four soldiers in the “Orientation” poster are simply reversed images of the soldiers used in the Call of Duty Online wallpapers.

Black Ops 2 “Orientation” DLC


Call of Duty Online




See the similarities? Needless to say, this proves the “Orientation” DLC poster to be fake. Nice try!

Thanks again, MasonMei.