Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Goes Official, Introduces New Zombie Game Mode and Much More

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Treyarch memebers David Vonderhaar, Dan Bunting and Reza Elghazi walk Call of Duty fans through the first downloadable content pack to make its way to Black Ops 2.

Hitting the Xbox 360 first this January 29, Revolution will introduce four new multiplayer locations, a brand new multiplayer weapon, a new zombie map, and even a brand new zombie mode.

Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage will have you fighting it out on a large, interactive dam set in Pakistan, a skate park in Venice, California, a snow-covered ski resort in the French Alps, and a luxury resort in China devastated by a passing sandstorm. For the first time, Treyarch is also putting a brand new multiplayer weapon in your hands with the Peacekeeper sub-machine gun, a cross between a deadly SMG and a powerful assault rifle. As with other weapons, it too will come with its out set of challenges so you can keep earning XP.

Peacekeeper SMG

Peacekeeper SMG

The new zombie map, Die Rise, will introduce elements of vertical elements as you fight for survival in a crumbling skyscraper. Prepare to be “Turned” in the brand new zombie game mode which will allow you to play, for the first time, as an actual zombie.

Black Ops 2 Zombies

The new zombie game mode, “Turned.”

For full details, check out the video presentation below:

How are you liking the sound of Black Ops 2’s first DLC so far?