Black Ops 2 – Treyarch Game Design Director Seeks Feedback From The Hardcore Community

Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar has recently reached out to the Hardcore Call of Duty community in order to make the Hardcore experience in Black Ops 2 a better one.

In a thread on the official Black Ops 2 forums, Vonderhaar addresses the Hardcore community and the apparent “lack” of Hardcore playlists. He states that while Treyarch would love to add more Hardcore playlists, “the problem here is that not every game mode playable in a hardcore variant has sufficient enough traffic to warrant having it’s own playlist. Hardcore Free-For-All, for example, has a very low traffic count. This makes Matchmaking in that playlist more difficult.”

So, that’s why he wants your feedback. Treyarch would like to know what they can do to improve the Hardcore experience in Black Ops 2. “I am taking feedback as we think about how to provide more hardcore game modes as Public Playlists without fragmenting the small Hardcore community or matchmaking,” he adds. To get a picture of the current states of popularity for each Hardcore game mode, here is a small list provided by Vonderhaar in order of most to least popular.

  1. Hardcore TDM (by a large margin)
  2. Hardcore CTF
  3. Hardcore Search
  4. Hardcore FFA

While many if you may be tempted to ask for a Hardcore playlist of every game mode, Vonderhaar answers, “Hardcore is not a game mode. It’s a variant on the game rules. One that is popular with a very passionate, but very small crowd of people. Keeping the 80,000 (or so, across 2 platforms) of you together and able to play together has to be a priority over any specific variant.”

In closing, he promises the Black Ops 2 Hardcore community, that this year is no different from the rest. “Of course we’ll make adjustments. We always do.”

Are you a Hardcore Call of Duty player? If so, make sure to leave your contribution in the aforementioned thread right here. While your here, let us know what changes you would like to see made to Hardcore playlists in the comments below!

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