Black Ops 2 Zombies Dev Introduces The Ray Gun Mark II in New Vengeance DLC

Buried is a brand new Zombies experience included in Black Ops 2‘s third and upcoming DLC, Vengeance.

Along with an updated theme and all new gameplay, the classic, fan-favorite Ray Gun, introduced all the way back in the original Zombies mode from World at War, is getting a bit of a make-over.

Zombies Design Lead at Treyarch, Jimmy Zielinski, recently talked about the new Ray Gun, what it does, and what inspired its redesign.

Zielinski explains that “It’s a re-imagining of the original Ray Gun with new functionality. We looked at what the original Ray Gun did, which was an explosive projectile weapon. We decided to make a real laser beam gun that goes through everything, and that’s what we did.”

He added that “The original Ray Gun would shoot a projectile and make an impact at that place and explode. The Mark II is actually a laser beam, or bolt, that does a triple burst and fires down range through walls or zombies. If the wall’s not too thick like cement, it’s going to pass through – and effectively hit – as many zombies as you have lined up. It’s in the box and you have a chance to pull it. It’s also been added to all the previous Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies maps.”

As for the design of the new-and-improved laser gun, Zielinski mentioned that the original desinger of the first Ray Gun, Max Porter, “…also made this design. It still bears his name. We just kind of talked about it and he just went away and did the art.”

“It’s cobbled together with parts of the original Ray Gun, plus some new bits. It’s an original creation that really harkens back to the old design, and it can be Pack-A-Punched just like the other weapons.”


Along with the Ray Gun Mark II, Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC will come packed with Buried, a brand new, western-themed Zombies experience, as well as four brand new multiplayer maps. Check them out here.

Xbox 360 users will get there hands on Vengeance first this July 2.

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