Black Ops 3 – Watch The Multiplayer And Co-Op Campaign Reveal, PlayStation DLC Exclusivity Announced

That moment all Call of Duty fans have been waiting for is finally here. Not only did Activision and Treyarch provide E3 2015 viewers a first look at Black Ops 3‘s competitive multiplayer and co-operative campaign, they also revealed which set of fans will be getting exclusive, early access to all downloadable content next year.

First, Studio Head Mark Lamia introduced the game’s four-player, co-operative campaign and offered a look at the Safehouse where players will be able to equip and customize their loadouts. Cutting to gameplay of a campaign mission played by a fire team of four, we get a glimpse of some of the new abilities in Black Ops 3.

[youtube id=”tvBrsOKi-W4″]

Shortly after, Multiplayer Designer David Vonderhaar briefly prefaced Black Ops 3’s multiplayer, but wasted little time getting to the action. Have a look at the explosive multiplayer reveal trailer below and stick around to the end to catch a glimpse of Black Ops 3’s Gunsmith and Paint Shop features.

[youtube id=”KjWEMFaXay0″]

Finally, Activision and Sony announced their partnership to bring all Call of Duty downloadable content first to PlayStation, starting with Black Ops 3. In addition, users on PlayStation 4 will get early access to the Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta this August.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, as there’s still much more to see.

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