Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Cross Platform Play Ruled Out, HQ Not Returning & More Details Revealed

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As part of Game Informer’s big October issue Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout blowout, Treyarch Design Director David Vonderhaar sat down and answered a series of rapid fire questions — 195 questions to be exact!

You can watch the video or if you’d rather digest it by reading, Reddit user nmwood98 laid it out in an easy-to-read bulletpoint form! Black Ops 4 cross platform play has been shut down! Not only that, but don’t expect Call of Duty: WWII’s Headquarters mode to return as well.

  • Player count of 80, testing up to 115 (Vahn says “with any luck”)
  • 3arc Testing Blackout Split screen
  • Blackout is NOT a simulation
  • Blackout possibly takes place in Nor. Cal
  • Not ruling out characters outside of 3arc games for Blackout, but will contain characters from past 3arc games
  • LTM events to use/unlock certain content (characters?)
  • Multiple types of Armor
  • No clothing/cosmetic loot
  • No variant rarity (Vahn says it’s too confusing for the rest of the game)
  • Mission for characters and mission progression unlocks new content
  • Items can be traded between players (at least within squads)
  • Items can be taken when looting a dead player, allowing the loot-holder to continue the quest/s
  • Zombies spawn at at least four locations “look for the ray of light”
  • Circle can close in on pack of zombies
  • Blackout indirectly affects other game modes
  • Helicopters spawn at Helipad or similar locations (Not always marked with a H, i.e. can be a dirt patch)
  • Cap of 10-20 of loot items onto vehicles
  • Players can carry two primary weapons
  • Some type of victory quote when Blackout is won
  • No other AI enemies, possibly in the future
  • No third person, 3arc make “first person shooters and put them on the internet”
  • James Harden may have inadverently disclosed BO4 was upcoming title when wore a hat with the logo in May 2018
  • Game tuning, item tuning, progression rates etc being worked on
  • No information on Blackout will be available as a standalone title
  • Final circle is largely random on map but can sometimes be “directed”, not too much on water, usually on construction sites for examples
  • Vahn says Camping playstyles will not win games
  • Players can find Ruin’s grappling hook on the map and use this
  • New characters confirmed, your own icon
  • Fall damage confirmed
  • Vehicle horns can be honked
  • No different weather, can see in good weather conditions but may change as Blackout progresses
  • Firing Range and Nuketown Island confirmed (surrounded by water)
  • Nuketown Island has mannequins
  • Little Bird is a small helicopter in Blackout (no big helicopter named Big Bird – copyright issues)
  • Possible, planned Blackout emotes – Melee weapons in Blackout
  • involves Zombies
  • When Vahn is asked about Zombie lore/fans “Nova gas symbology, circle outside (???)”
  • Raven are making a game with 3arc
  • Vahn is a fan of SHG’s Prop Hunt, expect to see this in MP
  • No HQ in BO4
  • Vehicles (5 confirmed)
  • boat, 2 cars, little bird
  • Vahn wanted wingsuit during introduction to BO4 but opted for parachuting
  • No voiced lines/dialogue between characters in BO4
  • At least one Mason in Blackout
  • Lots of requests to play as Zombies (no information on whether this is possible, ruled out JFK, Kimmel)
  • No cross platform play
  • 20 characters to choose from at Blackout launch, possibly 22
  • Beta will try to include all characters available at launch
  • Introduction to characters at compact, small
  • Possible relationships between specialists
  • Difficult to run at 60 fps at Blackout size, but 60 fps is a consistent target and can be hit
  • No FPS lock – Circle of Nova Gas possibly, but being caught outside circle is bad news
  • No free run in Blackout, but there are references to this in Blackout

Also revealed today via Game Informer’s cover issue blowout are the confirmation of zombies being part of Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, which will be capped at 80 players in a match at least for launch.