Black Ops Cold War Beta Update October 18 Unlocks All Attachments

Black Ops Cold War Beta Update October 18

For those playing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta, you might have noticed a game settings update when you tried to reconnect to the game. Treyarch has rolled out a new Black Ops Cold War beta update October 18 server-side patch, and it unlocks all attachments for all weapons!

Black Ops Cold War Beta Update October 18 Patch Notes:

If you ever wanted to test a gun out and with certain attachments, now’s the chance. Here’s the message from Treyarch:


Today, we’ve unlocked all attachments for every weapon to help everyone test out a wider variety of loadouts for the remainder of the Beta, and 2XP continues for all players so everyone can rank up twice as fast unlock more weapons. Get out there and build your perfect loadout for every situation.

In addition to the update for today, don’t forget that the the Black Ops Cold War beta has been extended for a day! We’ll be posting our beta “review” soon, so watch out for that. We’re also prepping an article on what stuff we noticed we wanted changed from the beta to the final game as well.

Which gun and what attachments are you digging so far? Let us know your recommendations down below.

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