Black Ops Cold War MP5 Nerf Rolled Out in Update Today

black ops cold war mp5 nerf

Just a few days ago, Treyarch commented that a balance patch was dropping for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War sometime around Season 1’s start date or before it. Well, it seems the complaints have been heard, as the studio handed down a Black Ops Cold War MP5 nerf that’s live now! Note that this is a server-side update, and no client patch needs to be download, as the nerf will be applied once you connect to the servers.

This was announced by the official Treyarch Twitter account which mnetioned how the effective damage range was cut by a whoppping 33%, and the inital recoil was also adjusted as well.

#BlackOpsColdWar update: We’ve reduced the base effective damage range by 33% and adjusted the initial recoil for Submachine Gun Alpha. Now get out there and try the other four!

And in case anyone is wondering, nope, the Black Ops Cold War MP5 nerf is the only gun balance pass done by the devs since it was complaint about the most according to multiplayer designer Tony Flame.

The first post-launch balance update is live. We’re keeping this limited to the 1 gun we’ve gotten the most feedback on, as we continue working on the larger pass for Season 1.

As someone who’s rocking the AK-74U right now, I have to admit, the MP5 is indeed a little overpowered in its previous state. Not only did it have a super fast rate of fire, but it also had minimal recoil too, which meant it was useful even in assault rifle ranges.

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