Black Ops II Multiplayer Being “Stripped Back To The Core,” Zombies No Longer a Mini-Game

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Treyarch talks about bringing Black Ops II’s multiplayer back to the basics and hints at a much bigger zombies mode, including competitive game modes.

Though Black Ops II multiplayer details are scarce at the moment, the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine revealed some aspects of Treyarch’s philosophy behind their plans to innovate when it comes to the multiplayer. It can be tough to stray from the current winning multiplayer formula that millions of CoD fans have come to know and love, but Treyarch seems bent on “challenging some long held assumptions,” according to OXM. Treyarch explains that this time around, the multiplayer is being “stripped back to the core,” most likely meaning that they are going to be building the multiplayer from the ground up, rather than adding on to what is already established – a risky move that could pay off and be exactly what the franchise needs. Additionally, Treyarch wants to make sure that Black Ops II’s multiplayer is welcoming to veterans, new players and everyone in between.

Lead Multiplayer Gameplay Designer at Treyarch David Vonderhaar recently hinted this multiplayer sound clip and a brand new knifing system that could make its way to Black Ops II’s multiplayer.

We recently learned that Zombies was getting an overhaul by adopting Black Ops II’s multiplayer engine, as well as adding brand new game modes and 8-player co-op, but Treyarch also hinted at larger maps and some form of competitive play in this issue of OXM. They also boasted the fact that Zombies will be a fully-fledged game mode this time around, rather than a mini-game add-on.

Are you exited for more players, bigger maps and, perhaps, even a competitive mode in this iteration Zombies? Do you think stripping Black Ops II’s multiplayer to the core is a risky move, or could it put a breath of fresh air into the franchise? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!