Blizzard Dev Hints At First Diablo 3 Expansion’s Console Release Plans

By now, you may have heard that the long awaited expansion pack for Blizzard’s dungeon crawler Diablo 3 has been finally revealed during this year’s Gamescom. Reaper Of Souls will add a new act, enemies, new level cap and a brand new playable character class.

But, for those wondering whether or not the newly announced expansion pack for Diablo 3 will make it to the home console platform in the near future, Josh Mosquiera, Diablo 3’s game director, recently spoke with Polygon, to whom he revealed the following:

Our philosophy has always been we work on one project at a time, we’ve got Diablo 3 on PC, we released it and then a small team splintered off to work on Diablo for the current consoles. Now the team’s really focused on Reaper of Souls for PC. So if you look at the past, you can probably infer what the future might bring. We don’t have any announcements at this point.

Although Reaper Of Souls has no set release date for the PC, you can see what this expansion will have in store once it’s available in the near future by checking out these trailers, which also showcases the new ‘Crusader’ class in action.

Diablo 3 is set to release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms on September 3, with a PlayStation 4 version to follow sometime in 2014. The game is now available now on the PC and Mac.

Would you like to see Blizzard bring Reaper Of Souls and any future expansions to the home console platform? Let us know in the comment section below!

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