Blizzard Promises Fix for Accidental Diablo 4 Premium Battle Pass Activation

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One of the latest controversies surrounding Diablo 4 arose when many players started activating the Premium Battle Pass without really wanting to. Used to press the button to check the Season Journey almost by instinct, many have noticed that the cursor is by default highlighting the Activate Premium button, resulting in unwarranted activation. Although the cost is far from concerning ($9.99), it’s the allegedly high number of players falling to this situation that may be concerning, as streamer Rurikhan has reported.

To rebate the arguments that the price of this activation is very low, Rurikhan claimed that he didn’t have time to commit to this season and was saving his Battle Pass for a future season. Having this purchase without any sort of order confirmation is another situation that the community didn’t take on lightly.

This issue naturally blew up on Twitter, until it reached the eyes and ears of Adam Fletcher, Global Community Development Director for Diablo. He revealed the situation was discussed and that a temporary fix is coming to ensure at least that the cursor is defaulted to the Season Journey button. This update should roll out early this week.

Outside of the Battle Pass button fix, Blizzard has bigger fish to fry, as Diablo 4 players are very unhappy with the Season 1 patch. This is something that hasn’t escaped the studio’s eyes, as they have promised that they will never release a patch like it ever again. Speaking of patches, the studio gave a short preview of what’s incoming in the next update (version 1.1.1) which you can read about here.

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