Bobby Kotick: Call of Duty Mobile Is the “Template” Activision Is Applying to Proven Franchises


With Call of Duty Mobile’s tremendous success, it’s not surprising that Activision is looking to replicate it with the publisher’s other properties. During Activision’s quarterly earnings report, Activsion CEO Bobby Kotick mentioned that COD Mobile has become “the “template” the company wants to apply to all its “proven franchises.”

Our strategy centers around our long held view that wholly owned entertainment franchises offer the opportunity for limitless innovation. We continue to increase investment in creative and commercial resources for our franchises and potential new franchises to deliver new compelling experiences for players and superior financial returns for our shareholders. With free to play entry points across mobile, PC and console Call of Duty experienced an increase of over 100 million players in a little over a year. Call of Duty is the template we’re applying to our proven franchises, as well as our new potential franchises as we attempt to grow our audiences to a billion players. – Bobby Kotick, Activision CEO

Can’t say I’m surprised by this statement. With Diablo Immortal already on the way later this year for mobile, chances are we’ll see other Activision IPs come to mobile as well.

Would you want to see other Activision owned “proven franchises” come to mobile? If so, which ones?

Source: SeekingAlpha (login required)

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