Borderlands 2 – Captain Scarlet And Her Pirate’s Booty DLC Officially Announced And Dated

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If you remember a few days back, we recently reported on leaked information regarding an upcoming DLC for Borderlands 2 that seemed heavily centered around a pirate theme. Turns out, this DLC most certainly is setting sail!

According to joystiq, this upcoming expansion, titled Captain Scarlet and Her Pirate’s Booty, will be making it’s way on to your platform of choice October 16th. You may remember that this was the original date at which Borderlands 2 first DLC character, Gaige the Mechromancer, was supposed to release.

As predicted, this campaign expansion is set to future numerous the following:

  • A new area called ‘Oasis’, described by president of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, as a dried up landscape that’s currently occupied by bandits.
  • Seraph Crystals are the new currency for this upcoming DLC.
  • A Sand Skiff vehicle.
  • Four new bosses: Captain Scarlett, The Leviathan, Hyperius the Invincible, and Master Gee the Invincible.
  • One of the raid bosses can only be farmed once a day. Due to a lockout that prevents this mysterious raid boss multiple times.
  • Every character, including Gaige the Mechromancer, gets a new head to unlock.
  • Seraph now seems to be the highest tier of rarity, beating the orange rarity items. You’ll know an item is of Seraph rarity due to its pink lettering.
  • Three new achievements will also be available with this upcoming expansion DLC, which are; Gadabout, Completionist and Tresure Hunter.

Wondering what exactly are the new unlockable heads featured in this pirate-themed DLC? Don’t worry, we got you covered:

Thanks to Gearbox community member ‘Gibbed’ for these awesome pictures.

Don’t forget, with the Borderlands 2 season pass, which will cost you about $29.99 USD, you’ll be able to get upcoming campaign expansion DLC’s, including Captain Scarlet and Her Pirate’s Booty, as soon as they’re available. Unfortunately, we recently learned that the season won’t include all future DLC’s, according to a tweet from Randy Pitchford.

Gaige the Mechromancer’s Echo Logs  3 and 4

In case you’ve missed it, the latest character to join the fray of the current vault hunters on Pandora has recently dropped her third and fourth Echo Logs for our enjoyment. Check them out :

With what you know about the Captain Scarlet and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC so far, are you looking forward to it? Tell us in the comment section below.