Borderlands 2 – First Look At Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC, More DLC Possible Post-Season Pass

By now, you’ve most likely heard that Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt can be expected to arrive on your platform of choice on January 15th. Also by now, you’re probably wanting to see some in-game footage of this upcoming DLC. If so, we got you covered with a video show casing Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt in action thanks to the great people over at Gamespot. So, enjoy!


Let it be known that this video does contain spoilers of Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, so watch at your own risk.

[youtube id=”ok-ujrkghpM” width=”618″ height=”378″]

In case you can’t watch the video, here are some tid-bits of new information that haven’t been covered yet:

  • This DLC takes place after the main campaign.
  • New enemies such as: Savages Warriors, which can transform and level up thanks to their Witch Doctors buddies, Spores, Armored Boroks, Scaylions Queens and Drifters make their return.
  • Savages worship Handsome Jack as their god.
  • New raid boss “Voracidous,” who is said to be the hardest one yet. Will not be alone as you will also have to fend off the chief who controls him.
  • A new rare monster that has been named “Dexidous” is said to be a Drifter who can only be summoned by supplying the various totems that are scattered around Aegrus with a ton of Eridum.
  • Certain bosses such as “Dexidous” have loot that’s specific to only them.
  • Hyperion Professor Nakayama is the main antagonists, and constantly wants you to fight him during the DLC. He also looks up to Handsome Jack and wants to bring his will into Pandora and to revive him from the dead. He also has a ship which has crashed in the continent of Aegrus filled with Eridium and loot and seems to have locked himself out of it.
  • New areas such as: Savage Lands, Lodge and Scylia’s Groove.

But that not’s all, as IGN has also revealed during an recent interview with Gearbox that Borderlands 2 might be seeing more DLC fleshed out once the current season pass ends. This stems from 2K wanting to support Borderlands 2 as long as fans show interest in the game, which could mean we might see more DLC character classes and expansions.

Additionally, President of Gearbox Software, Rand y Pitchford recently hinted on Twitter, “we are working on a big add-on/expansion for next year with deeper progression. I will share details and timing as we settle in with them.”

With Gearbox still exploring how they would want to implement the level cap which is set to be raised during the first quarter next year, two probable solutions could be to introduce it in the fourth DLC or as an individual download. However they will implement it, they have assured that it will make people want to play through the entirety of the game again.

How would you like to see Gearbox implement the increased level cap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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