Borderlands 2 – Krieg The Psycho Skills And Heads Detailed

We’ve got more details on Borderlands 2’s sixth, upcoming playable character, Krieg the Psycho.

Through a recent patch, we’ve been able to find out what Kreig’s skill trees contain and what sort of customizable heads we can look forward to when he’s officially released some time in May.

First up, we will take a detailed look at the skills that Krieg’s Bloodlust, Mania and Hellfire skill trees include:

Krieg The Psycho Skills


Tier 1:
  • Blood Twitch: +0.3% Weapon Swap speed per Bloodlust stack per level.
  • Blood Filled Guns: +0.5% Magazine Size per Bloodlust stack per level.
Tier 2:
  • Blood Overdrive: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +0.5% Melee Damage and -0.005s Grenade Fuse Time per Bloodlust stack per level for a short time.
  • Blood Revival: +0.3% Assault Rifle damage during Fight For Your Life per Bloodlust stack per level.
Tier 3:
  • Taste Of Blood: +0.1% damage reduction during Buzz Axe Rampage per Bloodlust stack per level. +10 Bloodlust stacks per kill (per level?) during Buzz Axe Rampage.
  • Buzz Axe Bombardier: When thrown, your buzz axe now has Dynamite attached to it which explodes on impact.
  • Blood Bath: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a grenade or explosion gives +0.5% weapon damage per Bloodlust stack per level for a short time. Enemies killed this way have a 15% chance per level of dropping Grenade ammunition.
Tier 4:
  • Boiling Blood: Increases the time before Bloodlust stacks start to decay by 0.5 seconds per level.
  • Blood Trance: Increases the duration of Buzz Axe Rampage by 0.05 seconds per Bloodlust stack (at time of activation) per level.
Tier 5:
  • Nervous Blood: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +0.3% Reload Speed per Bloodlust stack per level for a short time.
Final Tier:
  • Bloodsplosion: Killing an enemy causes them to explode with an Elemental Nova matching the element of the damage that killed it (Non-elemental damage will cause an explosive nova). Overkill damage is added to this damage. Each Bloodlust stacks increases this damage by 5%.


Tier 1:
  • Empty The Rage: Melee Damage increased. Additional bonus damage if your shield is down or when your magazine is empty. Next Level: Melee Damage +4% Shield/Mag Bonus: +10%
  • Pull The Pin: When you die, you drop a free grenade. If you kill an enemy with it, you get double XP.
  • Feed The Meat: Maximum Health and Shield Recharge Delay increased.Next Level: Max Health: +10% Shield Recharge Delay: +0.5 sec
Tier 2:
  • Fuel The Rampage: Taking damage recharges Buzz Axe Rampage at a faster rate. Taking health damage increases the bonus even further. You can now be damaged by teammates. Next Level: Cooldown Recharge Boost: +20% Health Damage Bonus: +20% Friendly Fire Damage: 50%
  • Embrace The Pain: Fire Rate is increased when your shields are down.Shield Recharge Delay increased. Next Level: Fire Rate: +7% Shield Recharge Delay: +1 sec
Tier 3:
  • Thrill Of The Kill: A percentage of Overkill Damage (damage that is over and above what was needed to kill the enemy) is returned to you as Health. The lower your health the higher the percentage.Next Level: Returns up to 50% of Overkill damage done as Health.
  • Light The Fuse: Fight For Your Life is replaced with Light the Fuse. During Light the Fuse you pull out a live bundle of dynamite and can move normally. The bundle detonates when the timer runs out. If you kill someone you are revived. Getting a revive with the bundle explosion gives you bonus Movement Speed for the remainder of the time that was left in Light the Fuse. Throw Dynamite sticks with Fire. Detonate bundle by holding Action.
  • Strip The Flesh: Explosive Elemental Damage increased. Bonus increased when in Fight For Your Life. Next Level:  Explosive Damage: +3% Fight For Your Life Bonus: +3%
Tier 4:
  • Salt The Wound: Taking damage from an enemy while your shield is down adds a stack of Salt the Wound. Melee and Shotgun Damage increased for each stack. Next Level:  Melee Dmg per Stack: +1.5% Shotgun Dmg per Stack: +1% Max Stacks: 20
  • Redeem The Soul: You can instantly Revive down teammates. After reviving a teammate in this way you must Fight For Your Life. You may revive in this way only once each time Buzz axe Rampage is on cooldown.Increased time during Fight For Your Life. Next Level: Fight For Your Life time: +50%
Tier 5:
  • Silence The Voices: Melee Damage significantly increased.Chance when performing a melee attack that you attack yourself. Next Level: Melee Damage: +50% Chance to Attack Self: +12%
Final Tier:
  • Release The Beast: Activating the Buzz Axe Rampage when at or below 33% of your max health remaining instantly refills your health and transforms you into a Badass Psycho Mutant. You deal increased Melee Damage and receive significant damage reduction for the duration of the rampage.When you return to normal, your Buzz Axe Rampage is instantly recharged. (There is an ! next to the health bar when below 33%.) Next Level: Melee Damage: +100% Damage Reduction: +50%


Tier 1:
  • Burn, Baby, Burn: +7%, +15% burn damage per level. 7% chance (per level?) per fire attack to set self on fire.
  • Fuel The Fire: Kill Skill. 7% chance  per fire attack to set self on fire. Killing an enemy gives +40% Element Effect Chance per level for a short time.
Tier 2:
  • Pain Is Power: +5%, +10% Weapon and Melee Damage per level (except for Sniper Rifles). -5% Critical Hit Damage
  • Numbed Nerves: +10% damage reduction per level when on fire.
Tier 3:
  • Elemental Elation: When Elemetnal Status Effect Damage is being done to enemies you gain stacks of Elemental Elation up to a maximum of 20. Each stack gives +1.0% Fire Rate and Magazine Size per level. Stacks will not decay while you are on fire.
  • Delusional Damage: All Elemental Status Effects you cause have a chance to light yourself on fire. Ignite chances are determined by those accumulated from Burn, Baby, Burn and Fuel the Fire.
Tier 4:
  • Fire Fiend: Melee Attacks have a 10% per level chance to Ignite enemies. +10% Weapon Accuracy and +7% Reload Speed when on fire.
  • Hellfire Halitosis: Melee Override Skill. Pressing Melee causes you to breathe fire in a cone in front of you. Cooldown is 15 seconds.
  • Flame Fire: +20% Burn Duration on you per level. 15% chance per level of your Burn Effects to apply another Burn Effect.
Tier 5:
  • Elemental Empathy: Burn status effect damage heals you for 5% of the damage dealt per level.
Final Tier:
  • Raving Retribution: While you are on fire, taking damage from enemies will spawn homing balls of fire that seek out the attacker and explode on impact. Fireballs only trigger once per second.

Lastly, here are some rough images of the heads that you can look forward to unlocking for Krieg the Psycho:


As of this moment, there’s no official release date for Krieg the Psycho, aside from a May release time frame. When more information is available, we will update you guys on when you can expect to see him arrive on your platform of choice. Those who purchased the Borderlands 2 season pass will have to shell out some bucks, unfortunately, if you want to play as the upcoming playable character, as it’s not included in the season pass.

Which skill tree or skills you are looking forward to using with Krieg? Let us in know in the comment section below!

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