Borderlands 2: Krieg The Psycho To Be Released Soon, says Gearbox President

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It looks like those who have been patiently waiting for Borderlands 2’s sixth playable character to be officially released on their platform of choice won’t have to wait much longer. This is according to a recent tweet from Gearbox President, Randy Pitchford, stating that the Kreig the Psycho class is getting ready to roll out soon.

In addition, Adam F., who handles the marketing for Gearbox, has also revealed that once the press gets to preview the new character class, a release will follow very shortly after. Sadly, Krieg The Psycho won’t be released this week, as the EU press has yet to get a good look at the upcoming character, but they will do so sometime this week.

Krieg The Psycho is slated for a May release and won’t be included in the Borderlands 2 season pass, which only covers campaign add-on’s and the recent level cap raise, including the addition of Pearlescent weapons. For more information on Krieg The Psycho, check out these articles that detail his full skill tree, customized heads and class mods.

If Gearbox handles the release of Krieg The Psycho just like the previous Borderlands 2 DLC content, which has been released to the public a few days after the press gets a good look at it, then you can expect Krieg The Psycho to be available on your platform of choice by May 7th at the earliest.