Borderlands 2 Massive Gearbox Golden Key Give Away and New Easter Egg Discovered

Just after a week of Borderlands 2 successful release, the good folks over at Gearbox Software are already planning some exciting events.

According to the president of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, who states in his recent tweets, the team will be giving away none other than a handful of tokens in which players can redeem only in the Shift section of the Borderlands 2 main menu (details to come). Once the code is redeemed, the token will you grant you five or more Golden Keys that you and all of your characters can use on the unique golden chest that’s located in the city of Sanctuary.

This will automatically net you one or two loot items of purple rarity scaled to your level. No worries about receiving an item that’s lower or higher then the level you are when you open this unique chest.

Speaking of loot, a recent and rather substantial Borderlands 2 easter egg has been discovered and solved. This easter egg may contain spoilers, so please read below at your own risk.

In order to activate this very rewarding easter egg in Borderlands 2, a player must have finished at least one playthrough of the game. Meaning, that you have to have unlocked the True Vault Hunter Mode with a character in order for this to work. If you have, follow these steps below and receive some good loot.

Fast travel to Claptrap’s place. Once there, go to his fireplace and discover an ECHO recording by a Geary. Once found, you will automatically be able to listen to it and you’ll notice he mentions a long walk. Once the recording is finished playing, you must travel all the way to Eridum Blight and find this character and give him his ECHO recording back. Geary can be easily found on the top left of Eridum Blight in the middle of a volcano. After walking a few distances and overcoming some obstacles, you will notice a bandit by the name of Geary standing there alone.

When you spot him, do not shoot nor engage in any type of combat with him. Instead, let him come up to and hit you once. When he does, he should run away and jump into a pool of lava instantly killing himself, thus triggering three rakks incoming to your area. Again, when you see them, do not shoot them since they each carry chests with them and will be dropping them in your general area. Once they disappear into the horizon, feel free to open these chest for your free loot that will contain at least two items of purple rarity in one of the chests.

Note: This easter egg will not work if you do the following:

  • Fast travel to Eridum Blight.
  • Die on the way to Eridum Blight.
  • Loot the caravan in The Dust.
  • You may use a car to get to Eridum blight quicker.
  • You may go into fight for your life mode, the easter egg will still work if you do.
  • Do not wear a spike shield when Geary is about to hit you, doing so will instantly kill him.
  • If Geary hits you more then once, the rakks dropping loot for you will not trigger. If so, you may feel free to kill Geary. Doing so will drop a head for any of the four playable characters.

Feel free to duplicate this easter egg as many times as possible, only if you quit and save the game. That’s the only way Geary and his ECHO recording will spawn back.

With that said, did you guys receive any awesome loot from this easter egg? If so, feel free to leave what you’v gotten below.

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