Borderlands 2 – Mysterious Bug Locks Out DLC Raid Bosses For The Month Of December, New Fix Found

If you have been recently enjoying Borderlands 2’s latest DLC’s, such as Captain Scarlet’s And Her Pirates Booty and Mister Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage, you may have noticed a few unfortunate errors when defeating and looting their super tough raid bosses.

As of December 1st, a mysterious bug has hit Borderlands 2 that affects all three platforms which seems to lock out the three new raid bosses, Hyperious, Master Gee and Pyro Pete, for much longer then their original 24 hour lock-out. Instead, it locks them out for the whole month of December. Yes, that’s right. The whole month. The issue seems to stem from the lock-out value being changed from the original 24 hours to over 500,000 hours, meaning that these bosses would be locked out for the next 50 years, due to this bug.

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. There is a quick fix for this solution that I’m happy to share with those who really want to be able to farm these raid bosses – at least, while we wait for the folks over at Gearbox come out with an official statement regarding this issue, in which they are currently aware of moment and will hopefully release a patch for soon.

With that out of the way, here’s the quick fix for this issue, as promised:

Xbox 360

  • Sign into Xbox Live
  • Disconnect your Xbox from either router/modem or Xbox network adapter
  • Change your system date to 1/1/13, via System Settings on your Xbox.
  • Start the game
  • Go to Pete’s secret lair and spawn him
  • Pause the game as soon as he spawns
  • Connect your Xbox back to it’s router/modem/network adapter
  • Press the Guide button and reconnect to Xbox live
  • Kill Pyro Pete
  • It will now count as you killing Pyro Pete today instead of 1/1/13


  • Alt-tab out
  • Change date on your PC to 1/1/13
  • Alt-tab back into Borderlands 2
  • Summon Pyro Pete
  • Pause game and Alt-tab out
  • Change the date to the correct date and Alt-tab back in
  • Kill Pyro Pete
  • It will now count as you killing Pyro Pete today instead of 1/1/13

Note: This bug does nott affect Terramorphous and Vermivirous as they don’t have a lock out like Hyperious, Master Gee and Pyro Pete do. Also, there is no known quick fix for the PlayStation 3 version, but once it’s found, I’ll update the article to include it.

That’s it. If you followed the steps above, you should be able to fight Hyperious, Master Gee and Pyro Pete without getting a message saying that they are locked out due to a player already defeating them within a 24 hour time frame, enjoy!

Do you think Gearbox should just remove the lock-out system completely? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks to Gearbox community members ‘Cmoney’ and ‘Heycarnut’ for coming up with these fixes.

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