Borderlands 2 – News Skins And Heads Now Available

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Ahoy vault hunters! Do you enjoy making your bad-ass vault hunter look more bad-ass with unique customization options such as skins? If so, the lovely folks over at Gearbox have just released a couple of new customization items for your favorite vault hunter, which you can see here.

For those of you who want these new skins and heads for your favorite vault hunter, you’re in luck, as each pack can be bought individually for 80 Microsoft Points, or $1 USD, on the market place of your platform of choice or in the Borderlands 2 in-game store. In addition, as soon as these packs are purchased, they will automatically be unlocked in the New-U customization station ready for use.

Sadly for you completionists out there, if you plan on getting all these new items, there’s no option at the moment to be able to purchase all of these packs at once at a discounted price. So you’re looking at paying a pretty penny, 1,200 Microsoft Points or $15 USD, to be exact.

For those who will be purchasing these new heads and skins for your vault hunters, which ones are you getting? Let us know in the comment section below!