Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Now Available For Mac, Special Shift Codes To Be Released Soon

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Those enjoying Borderlands 2 on the Mac need not wait any longer to get their hands on the latest add-on DLC, Sir Hammerlock’s: Big Game Hunt.

According to Aspyr, the people who handle the Mac version of Borderlands 2, players can can expect Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt to be available for purchase on the Steam store as of now. If you’re still on the fence to purchase this DLC, make sure to check out our review here.

To celebrate the upcoming Valentines Day, the folks over at Gearbox have recently revealed that fans of Borderlands 2 can expect some love to come there way tomorrow in the form of special Shift codes from Moxxi herself. As of now, there’s no other known information on what is unlocked with these special Shift codes, but you wil be able to redeem them for a couple of days.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our forums tomorrow so you don’t miss out on your opportunity to be able to redeem the upcoming special Shift codes.

In additional Borderlands 2 news, Gearbox Community Manager Chris F. has recently given fans some insight on which issues are being looked into that fans can expect to be fixed in the near future via hot fixes or patches. You can view them here, or simply scroll down:

Issues being investigated

  • Maya Restoration / Splash Damage Heal
  • Flynt / McNally Sometimes Not Dropping Loot Properly
  • Hammerlock DLC: Pt. 1 Seraph Gear / Some Drops Capped at 30
  • Feedback Re: Gaige DoT Scream
  • Feedback Re: Searph Gear
  • “Shady Dealings” Challenge Not Tracking in DLC1/2
  • Mouse Interface Issues w/ Seraph Vendor (Esp. Item of the Day)
  • Torgue DLC Heads
  • Deathtrap Robot Rampage Audio

Note: Some issues above may take a while to fix due to some of them requiring a more intensive code fix. But so far, from the above list, only the Torgue DLC heads and Deathtrap Robot Rampage audio issues have been identified and will be fixed as a part of the next proper update.