Borderlands 2 Trailer Hints At A New Vault Hunter

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With this year’s SXSW underway, the folks over at Gearbox have revealed a pleasant surprise during the end of their panel.

A silhouette of the second playable DLC character was teased, slashing it’s way through bandits in a teaser trailer which you can view below.

Aside from the teaser trailer for this new mysterious vault hunter, not much else is know. However, Matt Armstrong, the franchise director for Gearbox, has hinted that Borderlands 2 lacks a melee character such as Brick from Borderlands 1. Judging by the trailer shown above, it looks like this upcoming vault hunter may fill that void that Brick left.

In addition, Matt Armstrong has also stated that once DLC is revealed, their release dates aren’t usually too far off. So, expect to be able to play as this interesting new character sooner rather then later.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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