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Borderlands 2 – Krieg The Psycho Reveal, New Level Cap, Pearl Weapons Return and More News 11

News 11 With Gearbox’s PAX East panel now over, we got the full details of the newest Borderlands 2 vault hunter, as well as information on the new level cap that a lot of you have been waiting on and more below. First up is the long awaited raised level cap, which will now been pushed up […]

Borderlands 2 ‘Psycho Pack’ Spotted At PAX East News 5

News 5 Only one more day to go until Gearbox Software takes the stage at PAX East to unveil the newest vault hunter for Borderlands 2 and also to discuss the highly anticipated level cap. Meanwhile, an image (which you can view below) was spotted out in the wild on the show floor, which gives us a […]

Borderlands 2 Trailer Hints At A New Vault Hunter News 14

News 14 With this year’s SXSW underway, the folks over at Gearbox have revealed a pleasant surprise during the end of their panel. A silhouette of the second playable DLC character was teased, slashing it’s way through bandits in a teaser trailer which you can view below. Aside from the teaser trailer for this new mysterious vault […]