Borderlands 2 ‘Psycho Pack’ Spotted At PAX East

Only one more day to go until Gearbox Software takes the stage at PAX East to unveil the newest vault hunter for Borderlands 2 and also to discuss the highly anticipated level cap.

Meanwhile, an image (which you can view below) was spotted out in the wild on the show floor, which gives us a small glimpse of what we can expect to see during Gearbox’s panel on Sunday.


With what we’ve seen in the ‘Mayhem Awaits’ trailer, released a couple of  days ago, it does appear that the silhouette and the picture above share the same body type, although, this time, he is carrying around a pretty bad-ass looking bandit axe in his hands. Additionally, a Gearbox employee hinted that this upcoming character may be melee based, which fits perfectly with the picture and trailer.

If the new vault hunter is indeed an melee based psycho experiment, would you guys be excited to play it when it arrives? Let us know in the comment section below!

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