Borderlands 2 – Undocumented DLC Raid Boss Changes Detailed

By now, many of you are enjoying the new added content to Borderlands 2 like the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and the new level cap, as well as the addition of pearlescent weapons thanks to the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack released last week.

Apparently, the folks over at Gearbox have also added a few surprises for those who love to take on the challenging raid bosses found in the first three pieces of DLC – surprises that that weren’t revealed in their latest patch notes.

Now, upon defeating these hard end-game bosses below, their loot will house a special treat to those who have endured the difficult fight. You’ll now find Seraph-tier loot that comes with their respective DLC. For the full list on who drops what, read below.

Raid Boss Seraph Gear Drops

Hyperious The Invincible:
  • Evolution Shield (DLC 1)
  • Bladed Tattler SMG (DLC 1)
  • Retcher shotgun (DLC 1)
Master Gee The Invincible:
  • Ahab Launcher (DLC 1)
  • Devastator Pistol (DLC 1)
  • Patriot sniper (DLC 1)
Pyro Pete The Invincible:
  • Big Boom Blaster Shield (DLC 2)
  • Hoplite Shield (DLC 2)
  • Negative O Grenade( DLC 2)
Voracidious The Invincible:
  • Interfacer (DLC 3)
  • Hawk Eye (DLC 3)

Since these bosses now drop Seraph loot with each kill, the mentioned items above are not available for purchase in their respective Seraph vendor anymore.

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