Borderlands 2 – UVHP 2 ‘Digistruct Peak’ Available September 3, Allows Use of Lvl 80 Loot

First announced during this year’s PAX Australia, Gearbox has confirmed that the upcoming Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 that’s set to raise the level cap to 72 will also feature the all new ‘Digistruct Peak’, a mountain top training ground for the Crimson Raiders, and will release September 3.

Didistruck Peak will let players face enemies that they wouldn’t normally face at the same time such as skags and varkids and features an hour-long mission that’s suited for four players.

For those who love a real challenge, Gearbox is also throwing in the ‘Overpower’ feature, which will not only allow you to face harder enemies as you gain Overpower levels – capping out at 8 levels – but also allows you to collect and use loot up to level 80. That’s if you reach both the level 72 cap and the Overlimit cap.

Additionally, the headhunters DLC which will have our favorite vault hunters taking on new bosses and visiting new locales will also be priced much lower then the traditional campaign DLCs for Borderlands 2. Although no exact price was given, you can expect to get your hands on the first headhunters pack this October, as we visit T.K Baha in the ‘Bloody Harvest’ DLC add-on that’s expected to release in October.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 will be available on September 3 for $4.99 USD on the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Those who bought Borderlands 2’s season pass will have to purchase this add-on separately as it’s not included in the season pass.

Thanks, Digitaltrends.

Who will be the first vault hunter with who you’ll reach the new level cap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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