Borderlands 3 Reveal Might Be Imminent as Gearbox Teases “Never-Before-Seen Reveals” at PAX East

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Could Gearbox Software finally be revealing Borderlands 3? Rumors have been circulating that the loot shooter is set for release sometime this year, and it seems Gearbox could finally be doing a Borderlands 3 reveal soon.

The PAX East 2019 schedule (via IGN) mentions how Gearbox is holding a show on its own on Thursday, March 28. While there’s no specific mention of Borderlands 3, it does have a tease that we’ll see something new.

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The reveal could very well be for another game franchise, or a new one altogether, but with the studio outright confirming it is working on Borderlands 3, I wouldn’t be surprised if we finally see the game unveiled after all these years.