Brand New Risk of Rain 2 Survivor Coming in Version 1.0, Full Poll Results Revealed

Hopoo Games have announced that they will start development on a new Risk of Rain 2 survivor, one that has not been previously seen. This announcement comes right after the result of a week-long voting campaign that they held, given players the chance to vote on the next DLC character.

On the official early access Steam page, Hopoo Games had this to share:

It looks like you, the amazing community, want something completely different and new! Actually, we were caught by surprise with this choice as we assumed it would be either CHEF or Sniper, but love that the community continues to push us in new directions! This is certainly exciting, and something that allows us to think creatively, in new and innovative ways! With this in mind, we are going to go to the drawing board to further flesh out what a potential new survivor could be. It is a fun challenge for us and we cannot wait to bring it to the 1.0 launch.

We’re excited to get a new survivor in for 1.0 launch, but if your fave didn’t win, don’t despair! Just as we mentioned last week, just because a character didn’t win, it doesn’t mean they’re out for good. We have lots to share with you about post-launch support soon, so look forward to that and your brand new survivor in the future. Once again, thanks for a fantastic year of Early Access! You made this happen, gang. <3

I’m glad the studio plans on adding even more Risk of Rain 2 survivors after the 1.0 release, and hopefully those plans involve both Chef and Sniper. As for how close the voting was? Well, this was revealed via the official RoR2 discord channel, which you can find below.

:mystery_poll: Entirely New Survivor (33,727 votes)

:sniper_poll: Sniper (29,612 votes)

:chef_poll: Chef (24,447 votes)

:enforcer_poll: Enforcer (14,858 votes)

:bandit_poll: Bandit (11,304 votes)

:miner_poll: Miner (6,502 votes)

:hand_poll: HAN-D (3,816 votes)

Which new Risk of Rain 2 Survivor are you hoping for in a future update? let us know down below!

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