Bugsnax Update 2.002 Out for Isle of Bigsnax This April 28

bugsnax update 2.002

Young Horses Games has released the Bugsnax update 2.002 patch today, and this one is for the major Isle of Bigsnax expansion! Check out the full Bugsnax April 28 update patch notes below.

Bugsnax Update 2.002 Patch Notes | Bugsnax April 28 Update Patch Notes:

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re working on more content for Bugsnax! The Isle of BIGsnax update will be available for FREE next year when the game launches on Steam.

Journey to a mysterious new island where the Bugsnax are truly enormous! You’ll need to master new mechanics like the Shrink Spice, which can cut the giant Bugsnax down to a catchable size. Joining you are Chandlo, Floofty, Triffany, and Shelda, who will explore both the island’s long-forgotten history, and more of their own personal stories.

Back in Snaxburg, you’ll finally have your very own hut! You can take on challenges from your mailbox to earn furniture and accessories to customize your living space. These challenges put a few twists in the gameplay, and will shake up how you explore and catch!

And last but not least; capture rare Bughats in order to dress up your favorite Bugsnax!

As you can see, we’ve stuffed this update with a smorgasbord of content for new and returning players alike!

  • A new biome to explore.
  • A dozen fresh Bugsnax to capture and feed to your friends.
  • Over 100 challenges and 30 quests. Nearly 200 decorations to collect and display.
  • More delightful dialogue from our returning voice cast.

If there are any more notes released, we’ll be sure to update this post. Stay tuned here at MP1st for more!

Source: Steam

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