Bungie Files Trademark for “Bungiecon”


While Warframe has TennoCon, and Blizzard has BlizzCon for the company’s games, it loooks like Bungie is gearing up for the studio’s own event, as the company has filed a trademark for “Bungiecon” (BungieCon?)!

In the filing (thanks, ResetEra) by Bungie, Inc., it mentions “fan conventions” and other sort associated with it.

Goods and Services:

jewelry Instruction guides and reference guides in the fields of video games, science fiction, fantasy and action-adventure stories; posters, calendars, trading cards other than for games, books, namely, novels, graphic novels and comic books in the fields of video games, science fiction, fantasy and action-adventure stories; stickers Halloween costumes and masks sold in connection therewith; costumes for use in role-playing; apparel, namely, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, hats, baseball caps, jackets, footwear, shoes, boots, namely, boots featuring video game characters, scenes and symbols Toys, namely, action figures and related accessories; playing cards and card games; trading card games; board games; plush toys education and entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting fan conventions in the fields of video and computer games; entertainment services, namely, providing a website for news, reviews, previews and information, all related to video and computer games

Of course, given we are in the middle of a global pandemic, the big question here is: is this something that Bungie plans to do soon? Perhaps digitally?

Given how the studio is expanding the Destiny universe into “additional media,” we just might need Bungiecon to house all the important announcements from the studio in one event. Don’t forget, teh studio is working on stuff other than the Destiny franchise.

Would you attend a convention by Bungie?

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