Bungie Has ‘Ways For You to Relive Your Finest Moments’ in Destiny PvP

Skillful players will have ways to display their FPS prowess to others in Destiny‘s player vs. player multiplayer combat, but ‘only if you earn it,’ says Bungie.

“Will other guardians recognize my skill in competitive PvP?” was one of the many questions asked in Bungie’s latest weekly update.

“Only if you earn it, Guardian,” answered Bungie community manager David Dague, aka “DeeJ”. “No one will be spoon-fed their glory in the competitive activities in Destiny. You’ll need to seize it [with] your gauntleted fists.”

“If you’re brave, we’ll have ways for you to relive your finest moments,” he continued. “If you’re victorious, we’ll enable you to strut your stuff. You’ll even be able to carry those war trophies in your back pocket, if you are so equipped.”

As usual, DeeJ’s cryptic words merely hint at what’s in store for those looking show off their skills. Does “ways for you to relive your finest moments” indicate ways to capture moments à la Halo’s theater function? Perhaps you’ll be able to show off your finest recorded gameplay moments from the phone “in your back pocket, if you are so equipped” with Bungie’s companion app? We can’t really tell, but it looks like there’ll be something to look forward to for the veteran Destiny player.

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have built-in functions to record gameplay, but even they have their limitations and may not integrate as smoothly with Destiny’s mobile app. In addition, neither the Xbox 360 nor PlayStation 3 are as well-equipped for recording.

Either way, we’ll probably learn more shortly as tons of Destiny news is destined to arrive this Monday.

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