Bungie Will Send Players to the Moon on Last Day of Destiny Beta

Saturday, July 26. 2:00 PM PDT. Mark your calendars. We’re going to the Moon.

That’s where Bungie is sending players on the final day of the Destiny Beta in special mission only available for a limited time. The goal is to amass as many gamers as possible across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 to play the Destiny Beta at the same time in an effort to stress test Destiny’s online infrastructure.

Players who do decide to log in during the two-hour public event won’t leave empty handed. Participants will go home with a special nameplate for use in the final game when it ships September 9.


“This is a flash mob. Set your destination. The Iron Banner will be live. The Director will still beckon with the lures we’ve littered all across Old Russia,” writes community manager DeeJ in the latest Bungie Weekly Update.

“We’re even sending you on a new story mission. For this one, you’ll be glad you scrounged that jump drive from the wastes of the Cosmodrome. You don’t need us to tell you where you’re headed. We’ve marked it on the map since the moment when the Beta Build became a secret whispered about by only our friends and family. This new destination will be open to you for two hours.”

If you’re not quite sure what DeeJ is talking about, here’s the location found on Earth’s Moon that has been viewable but inaccessible since the Beta’s launch:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 4.20.02 PMAnother event to look out for this Saturday is the continuation of the Iron Banner at these specific times.

As for when the Beta ends, here’s what DeeJ had to say: “The Wolf, our Theoretical Physicist, has told me that he wants some room to maneuver close to the conclusion of our little social experiment. So, I’m not telling you exactly when. Please play until we nail this thing shut.”

Remember, the beta is now open to all PlayStation and Xbox gamers with either a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription, respectively. So, if you’ve got the time this weekend, download it for free, and we’ll see you online!

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