Bungie Wins Lawsuit Against Harasser, Guilty Party Changed With $500,000 Fine

bungie lawsuit

Bungie just won in court today against a Destiny 2 player who had harassed several employees at the studio. The Bungie lawsuit resulted in the Court finding the harasser liable for almost $500,000 in damages relating to investigation and protection costs, among other things.

Paralegal Kathryn Tewson, who worked on the case, posted a Twitter thread detailing the victory against the harasser. Of note, the case concluded with the court recognizing a new tort relating to the harassment received by Bungee employees.

The recognition of a new tort will, in theory, pave the way for similar cases like this in the future to be more successful, with the goal of holding like-minded harassers accountable for their actions.

The court win against the harasser was met with positive responses, many of which came from game devs across the industry, such as Halo’s senior community manager at 343 Industries, John Junyszek.

With proof that game studios are now able to hold trolls accountable for their actions, some may now think twice before harassing and sending threats over video games.

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2 months ago

“pizza attack” some of the stupidest shit ever. fun future

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