Bungie’s Destiny Revealed

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Bungie’s Destiny is, at last, revealed.

In this vidoc below, Bungie talks about their brand new massive universe, Destiny, and even shows off some of the first gameplay footage ever.

Enjoy and make sure to read on to learn more about Destiny.

Destiny ViDoc

Destiny is a first-person “shared world shooter,” similar to a massive multiplayer online shooter. It will constantly require an internet connection, but no paid subscription will be required.

Destiny will be primarily a console shooter, available only on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, later on “future generation technology.” A release date has yet to be announced.

You’ll be able to play Destiny like an MMO, either completely solo, or with friends in small co-op groups. Friends can drop in and out seamlessly, similar to games like Borderlands 2 with a mix of Borderlands to and, of course, Halo. Multiplayer is opt-in, meaning that you’ll have to volunteer to play online with others. “Lobbies” will not play a part in matchmaking, but there will certainly be more to come in regards to multiplayer.

Players will play as a generic hero called a Guardian but will be able to choose one of three classes available: the Titan (weapon-focused), the Hunter (stealth-focused) and the Warlock (magic-focused). Magic does play a part in the gameplay as it is tied to the story. Players “borrow” abilities from the mysterious “Traveler,” a gigantic alien space ship hovering over the last city on Earth, presumably protecting it from mysterious alien invaders.

Weapon and gear customization will also play a large role in Destiny’s gameplay, as will vehicles. Players will be able to travel between every planet in our solar system via space travel; however, it is unsure whether space flight will be an actual gameplay element.

According to the vidoc above, it appears that there will be a social companion tool, available on iOS devices, that will launch with Destiny.

Destiny can now be pre-ordered for either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 through Amazon for a Destiny Star Map digital wallpaper, or through GameStop for a sweet double-sided poster.

Check out the full Destiny FAQ put up by IGN right here as well as some concept art below.