Call of Duty 2015 Will Be Developed By Treyarch And Will Be ‘Loaded With Innovation’

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During their Q4 2014 earnings call, video game publisher Activision confirmed the development of a new Call of Duty game for late 2015 lead by the team at Treyarch.

While Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg was unable to share details during the call, he stressed that the title will be “loaded with innovation” and that it will be the first release for Treyarch on the franchise’s new three-year development cycle.

Treyarch gained traction with the Call of Duty audience with the launch of the WWII shooter, World at War, in 2008 and later went on to explore the Cold War with the release of Black Ops in 2010 and a near-future setting in its 2012 sequel.

Historically, we expect Activision to announce the first details on 2015’s Call of Duty this May.

Meanwhile, the studio shared its excitement on Twitter, hinting at the already ongoing conversation it is having with its fans.