Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Update Jumps Out & Is Full of Weapon Tweaks

Here’s an interesting development, Treyarch has just released a new title update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 — yes, the same Black Ops 3 that has been out for more than two years now. It’s mostly weapon tuning, but this Black Ops 3 update is definitely much appreciated.

Clocking in at 1.6GB on the PS4, this Black Ops 3 update also has stability fixes, and a few more tweaks. Check out the complete patch notes below.



  • General stability improvements across various game types.

Weapon Tuning

  • XMC
    • Reduced reload speed.
    • Reduced bullet penetration.
    • Reduced ADS idle time after firing.
    • Reduced 3-hit and 5-hit kill ranges.
  • VMP
    • Reduced ADS bullet spread accuracy.
    • Reduced ADS recoil stability.
    • Reduced bullet penetration.
    • Reduced reload speeds.
  • HG 40
    • Improved 3-hit and 4-hit kill ranges.
  • ICR-1
    • Improved recoil reduction.
    • Improved 1-hit kill range in Hardcore.
    • Slight increase in damage to improve odds at a headshot kill.
    • Improved 4-hit kill range.
    • Improved sprint out speed.
    • Improved standing hip spread.
  • Galil
    • Improved reload speed.
    • Improved ADS transition speed.
  • FFAR
    • Improved reload speed.
    • Improved sprint in and sprint out speeds.
    • Improved ADS recoil.
  • R70 Ajax
    • Improved bullet penetration.
    • Improved ADS transition speed.
    • improved ADS recoil.
  • MX Garand
    • Improved fire rate.


  • Addressed various exploitable locations in Citadel and Redwood.



  • Fixed several exploits across various maps.

Speaking of Black Ops 3, the game is so good that it even managed to land a spot in our latest feature on why you should be playing 2016’s shooters in 2017. Are you still playing Black Ops 3 or have you moved on to the newer franchise entries?

Source: Activision Support

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