Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Black Market Coming Today First on PS4, Special Events Announced

black ops 4 gun camos

It seems the news that Supply Drops won’t be showing up in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are indeed true! In a new post on Activision’s website, the publisher announced the Black Ops 4 Black Market, which Call of Duty fans will remember from Black Ops 3,

Starting today, Friday, October 19, coinciding with the big patch coming in later today, the Black Ops 4 Black Market will be available first on PS4 for seven days before it hits PC and Xbox One. According to Activision, it will be the “one-stop” shop for awesome gear and new ways to express yourself in the game.

The publisher also mentions a “Contraband stream” in the Black Ops 4 Black Market that will provide a progression path to earn the items you want simply by playing the game! No more random stuff, it seems. Contraband items will be delivered via seasonal Operations, with each Operation delivering a new batch of content “every couple of months.” Operation First Strike starts today on PS4, and will deliver the first wave of new content which include:

  • All-New Blackout Characters– New playable characters will be released with each new Operation.
  • Signature Weapons
  • Specialists Outfits – Cool customization content built around themes for all Specialists in-game; you can even mix and match the look of your character within outfit sets.
  • Tags / Gestures – Whether you’re taunting opponents or celebrating a victory, Tags and Gestures are a perfect way to express yourself in the game.

Within the Black Ops 4 Black Market, there will also be limited time Special Events which will bring even more unique content to the shooter. Starting October 20 on PS4 — and rolling out to other platforms seven days after — players will have access to a free Halloween-themed Special Event stream with even more gear to earn! This is the first of many Special Events that will be hosted in the future, though players should get in while they can since it’ll be around only for a limited time.

Finally, Blackjack’s Shop is coming this November, and will let players directly purchase certain pieces of gear. Activision states that the shop will refresh weekly with a variety of items.

Once the patch becomes available today, we’ll be sure to let you know ASAP. Don’t forget, double XP is coming today as well.

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